Windows Server 2012 R2 Deployment Proposal

Windows Server 2012 R2 Deployment Proposal

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Each student will create a detailed, organized, unified technical solution given the scenario described. The submission will be in a written format (not simply answering the questions). The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the material you learned in this class. This is a challenging assignment; if you did not learn the course material, it will be much more difficult for you.

There is some flexibility on the content. Use the knowledge you learned in this class to create the proposal and solution. You can make assumptions as you wish, unless it contradicts something in this document.


Contoso has hired you as an IT consultant for implementing their Windows network infrastructure. Contoso is a new advertising firm, and they are currently hiring staff and establishing two locations in Pensacola, Florida and Casper, Wyoming. They need to get their internal Windows infrastructure installed and configured quickly. The IT staff will take over all aspects of IT administration.

You need to provide Contoso a solution that describes the implementation and configuration of their Windows Infrastructure.

Cost is a concern, but there are greater priorities. Contoso wishes to implement the “right” solution to fit their needs now and for the next 2-3 years. However, the WAN link between the two sites is very slow and unreliable. Management realizes that the link will often go down, resulting in loss of connectivity between the sites. In these periods of downtime, all users will still need to logon and work. The link cannot be upgraded or improved.

Here are several details about Contoso:

  • Contoso will start with 90 employees, in the following departments:
  • Executives (9 employees) – manage and run the company
  • Accounts and Sales Department (15 employees) – perform market research and maintain accounts
  • Creative, Media and Production Department (49 employees) – advertising
  • Human Resources and Finances (12 employees) – perform HR and financial duties
  • IT (5 employees) – manage IT for the company
  • Contoso will have two sites, one in Pensacola and one in Casper. Most staff will be located in Pensacola, with at least one person from each of the departments located in Casper.
  • Networking equipment is already in place for both sites. An IPsec tunnel runs between the two sites so that secure network traffic tunnels over the Internet. You may make whatever other assumptions you wish about intra-and inter-site connectivity.


  • There is no need to describe security mechanisms, such as hardware firewalls and intrusion detection devices, as the contractors already have them in-place.


  • Some departments will want their data to remain private from other departments (e.g., Finances personnel will not want the Media staff to see the company’s financial details). You can make data assumptions, as you wish. Is data freely-shared or protected? Will you use Work Folders?

Please identify all assumptions you make.

Topics to Cover

Your document should cover the content presented in the course. The outline below contains recommended points to cover. You are free to add other related information.

Describe the technical and business reasons for each choice, citing other resources as appropriate.

Use Windows Server 2012 R2 for all aspects of the solution.

The seven topics include:

  1. New Features of Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2
  • Describe new features of Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 of which Contoso can take advantage.


  1. Deployment and Server Editions
  • How many total servers will you need? Which server roles will you combine?
  • Which edition of Windows will you use for each server (e.g., Standard? Datacenter? Cost is not the biggest concern but Standard licenses cost $1500 per server, and Datacenter licenses cost $8000 per server)
  • Will you use Server Core on any servers?
  • Where are each of the servers located (which of the two sites)?
  • How will you deploy these servers? Manually? Automatically?


  1. Active Directory
  • Number of AD forests?
  • Number of AD domains?
  • Will there be any Read-Only Domain Controllers?
  • How will the second site factor into domain controller placement? How will AD sites be configured?
  • How will AD organizational units be organized (considering how group policy will be used and users will be organized)?
  • Will you use a global catalog? Where and why?


  1. DNS and DHCP
  • DHCP scope design (e.g., lease times, number of scopes, address range)
  • IPv4 or IPv6? Why?
  • Will you use a form of DHCP fault tolerance?
  • Will servers have DHCP reservations?
  • DNS namespace design (e.g., domain name(s) chosen, split DNS for Internet/Intranet, zones)
  • How will you design DNS?
  • Are you going to secure DNS? How?
  • What type of DNS zones will you have?


  1. File and Printer Sharing
  • What shares will you need?
  • Will you use DFS?
  • How will quotas/FSRM be configured?


  1. Group Policy
  • How will you deploy applications? If using GPOs, what are the details on application deployment? Will you use AppLocker or Software Restriction Policies? Which software applications will you deploy on the servers and clients?
  • Will you use Windows firewalls or simply rely on the firewalls already in-place?


  1. Hyper-V
  • Will you use VMs?
  • Which features and settings would you use?

Specific Requirements:

  • Use IEEE or APA style when writing your paper. Every part of your paper must meet IEEE or APA standards—not just the references section. Use IEEE or APA, but be consistent with the style you choose. CMIT classes at UMUC used APA style in the past, but CMIT is migrating to IEEE style.


  • Submit your paper in .docx or .pdf format, or significant points will be deducted. Please do not submit in .odt, .doc or any other format, or significant points will be deducted. I highly encourage you to use Microsoft Word 365 to create your paper in .docx format. (Microsoft Word 2007 or greater, will meet the minimum requirement, if created in .docx format).


  • Make this proposal professional—something that would entice Contoso to buy your solution and services.


  • The final submission will be 7 to 10 pages worth of text written by the student (not counting the title page, images, diagrams, chart, tables or quotations that may be used). It must be double-spaced, have 1-inch margins and use 12-point Times New Roman. A title page is required. Again, use IEEE or APA style. (With the required diagram, and other images, title page, etc., the final submission may end up being more than 10 printed pages in length.)


  • Include a chart. In Word, click Chart on the Insert tab. Note: Pictures, graphics, tables, diagrams, etc. are not charts. Chart whatever you wish—the server types, implementation plan, etc.–be creative.


  • You must use at least one diagram. Note: A diagram is not a chart, table, etc. Google defines “diagram” as, “a simplified drawing showing the appearance, structure, or workings of something; a schematic representation.” (This diagram could describe Active Directory components, DHCP/DNS design, file share hierarchy or anything you wish to display graphically to enhance the reader’s understanding of the proposal). Feel free to find and use a relative diagram, but be sure to cite properly.


  • You must use at least six references. At least two of the references will be a non-textbook, non-LabSim, non-Wikipedia resource reference. Follow the IEEE or APA format for citations. (Preferably, sources would be a “best practice” guide or similar content from Microsoft or another experienced Windows professional).


  • You must submit this assignment to both the assignment area within our LEO classroom as well as to the TurnItIn website.


  • The submission must cover all of the major topics outlined earlier in this document. Explain each choice with technical and business reasoning. Use enough detail to demonstrate what you learned this semester. You may cover additional topics, as desired.


  • The final submission should be organized logically and represent a single, unified solution. It is likely that the format will include separate sections for each of the topics required, as well as a summary.


  • Cite sources so that they can be quickly verified. IEEE or APA format is required.


  • In its simplest form, if you are using text from a source, you must cite and/or quote it. If plagiarism is found, then there will be a penalty. PLEASE create your paper from scratch and use your own work.

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