For this task you are required to write a 1500 word essay discussing key trends in a sector of your choice (tourism, hospitality or events). Choose ONE sector to focus on and then select a SPECIFIC topic of interest to you.

  • Describe the similarities and differences between The Grand Tour and modern Contiki tours
  • Growth and popularity of cruise tourism: Benefits and impacts
  • The role of wildlife tourism in protecting the natural environment


  • Can the hotel sector survive the rising popularity of non-traditional forms of accommodation (e.g., Airbnb, farm tourism)?
  • Themed restaurants: What’s hot and what’s not?
  • Without customer service, hospitality is dead


  • Discuss the community impacts of hosting mega-events
  • Music festivals: Is it just about the music?
  • Recent trends in specialist events: Comics, Cosplay and costumes

Thank you.


FAQs for the Individual Essay Assessment

  1. Am I required to use only research articles?
  2. You do NOT have to use solely research articles. You are welcome to use REPUTABLE references from other sources.  For instance, a newspaper article or a website from an official source such as the Tourism Australia website is perfectly fine.  But, please do not use questionable sources, such as Wikipedia, or random blogs from people who are not experts.
  3. Is there are specific, required format for the essay?
  4. You must have a title page with a title, your name, and student number. Aside from that, it is up to you to decide how to format your essay.  Use headings as needed to organise your paper and make it easier to read.  But your headings will depend on your topic.  If you are discussing music festivals, your headings might be: Introduction, Economic Impacts, Socio-Cultural Impacts, Environmental Impacts, and Conclusion.  If you are discussing the benefits and challenges with hosting mega-events, your headings might be: Benefits of Hosting Mega-Events, Challenges Hosting Mega-Events, Case Study Example: Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup. Now that you are in university, it is up to you to determine how best to write (and format) your essay.


  1. Is it ok that my topic crosses over more than one THE sector?

Yes!  That is absolutely fine and that happens A LOT.  If you are talking about the Olympics, that is an event, but it contributes to tourism and certainly uses hospitality resources (hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc.).  If you are discussing the impact of social media and the internet on THE industry, people write, check-in, tweet, post photos, Instagram, etc. about hotels, events they are attending, planes that are travelling on, the food they are eating, and everything in between.  So, it is totally fine if your topic covers more than one sector.  Just make sure your topic is narrow enough that you can talk concisely in 1,500 words.


  1. How do I reference sources?

You must have in-text citations where you give credit in the actual essay itself when you are using facts from someone else.  You also need to have a Reference List- this is essentially a Bibliography.  Please use APA 6th Edition when formatting your references.  You can refer to the Essay Writing and Library powerpoints on Blackboard for more information about referencing.


  1. Speaking of references, do they count toward the 1,500 word limit?

NO!.  You should have a 1,500 word essay.  The reference list does NOT count toward that number.




  1. What if I write more (or less) than 1,500 words?

One challenge of becoming a good writer (and you all need to write well because you will write reports, emails, memos, and plenty of other things in your future careers) is learning to be thorough, but concise.  A 10% measure of error is acceptable; in other words, if your essay is less than 1,350 or more than 1,650, marks may be deducted.


  1. Can I do a topic that isn’t about THE industry?

Sorry, but NO.  This is TOUR1000, so your essay topic MUST relate in some way, shape or form to THE industry.  If this was an English class or a Writing class, some other topic might be ok, but not for this assessment.


  1. I don’t know what to write about!!!!

If you are struggling to choose a topic, think about:

a.) What is your dream job in the industry?  Are there particular issues a person with that position needs to deal with?  Maybe you can write about those challenges.

b.) If money was no object, where would you go and what would you do on your dream vacation?  Would you go to Switzerland and learn to make chocolate in a chocolaterie?  Perhaps you could write about that.  Would you like to go to Costa Rica and learn to surf?  Well, maybe that is a bad example since we live in Australia and everyone knows you should learn to surf here!  But maybe you would like to go to Costa Rica and teach in an orphanage or volunteer on an organic coffee farm.  There is plenty you can talk about with either of those, or any dream vacation you can think of.

c.) What are your personal hobbies?  Do you like animals?  There are lots of aspects you could consider, such as whether animals in tourism is truly a conservation effort, or if the animals are being abused, or if tourism to see animals is leading to the destruction of a species, etc.

There is also this AMAZING lecturer who you see every Monday between 2pm and 4pm on the UQ campus, building 01, lecture hall E215 that you can talk to.  That same woman (her name is Dr. Phelan in case you haven’t met her previously) also has consultation hours on Wednesdays 10am-1pm in building 39A, office 437.  You can also email her: to set up a separate appointment time or ask her about a possible essay topic.


HAPPY WRITING!  I am really looking forward to reading your essays.

                                                                                    -Dr. Phelan



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