Final Proposal; Management

Subject Management
Topic Final Proposal

Paper details

Your Final Paper will include all of the information previously submitted in Weeks 1-3. You will need to add the following: · A summary of the final proposal with recommendations. · Suggestions of what will be done to “hold the gains.” The final paper should be 6-8 pages, not including the title and reference pages, and should conform to IU APA format and style guides. As a reminder, here are the guidelines again: You are to assume the role of a department supervisor/manager/team leader. You are to use a “real life” work situation that will serve to strengthen the validity of your learning experience. Assume the audience is unfamiliar with your department or unit, has limited knowledge of the subject matter, and has limited technical background. The written report will include: Definition of the issue or problem to be resolved and how you decided it was important to resolve it in the first place. Identification of the customers involved and what they expect. Definition of performance indicators you will use to measure your success. Definition of other organizations with which you will compare yourself. A list of the questions that you will ask or have asked them. An analysis of the causes that created the issue or problem. Suggestions and alternatives considered including: How the suggestion solves the specific needs, issues or problem. How the suggestion increases the effectiveness or efficiency of the operation. How the idea impacts staffing. The financial impact of the idea. Potential obstacles that may arise in the implementation phase. The strategies needed to overcome barriers. A summary of the final proposal with recommendations. Suggestions of what will be done to “hold the gains.” TIPS You must make specific recommendations. All information and assumptions utilized in formulating your proposal should be explained. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your skill in utilizing your knowledge of the organization to combine relevant information for the purpose of proactively initiating an idea. You are to formulate a defensible proposal using logical problem solving and decision making strategies. PLEASE INCLUDE HOW YOU PLAN TO OR HOW YOU INVOLVED STAFF MEMBERS. Keep in mind that all of this is designed to assist, help, and bring you and your skills, in a very positive way, to the attention of your organization. ***This is my finial please do your best and i will message the book if needed, chapters are 1-13*** This paper is going to correlates with the previous papers i submitted. Thanks


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