Writing Project #1

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Writing Project #1

Responding to the Arts

Overview:  The arts have a unique ability to inspire, compel, and captivate an audience.  Impressions from the arts can be long lasting, and the experience is often quite different for different members of the audience.  Songs, novels, poems, movies, paintings, and other art forms can captivate you in a life-altering way.  For this essay, your task is to select a piece of art that has affected you in a significant way.  This piece of art can be a piece of music, a song, a poem, a novel, a film, a painting, a sculpture, or a short story.  Using different kinds of examples, explain the art piece clearly and describe the effect that it has had on you.


Writing Purpose:  Analysis of a piece of art and the effect this art has had on you.  This writing should reveal something about you to the reader.  Challenge yourself to accurately describe the art and the effect so that the reader can see, feel, hear, or sense what you do.


Audience:  College-level peer who is unfamiliar with the piece of art and with you.


Required Guidelines:

  • Copy of the piece of art
  • 1200-1500 words (3-4 pages)
  • MLA format including word count in the heading
  • Hardcopy submission of the essay
  • Safe Assign submission of the essay on Blackboard



  • As your first written assignment, it is important for you to find your voice for this work. Think carefully about what you want to say, then plan strategically for how you want to say this.  Do not be afraid to have someone else read your work to help determine if you have reached the clarity in your description that you are looking for.  Often, we fill in the blanks in our own minds when we write, feeling that we are being clearer and more complete than we are to others.  Take the extra time to ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of your message.  And again, be sure that you are saying what you want to say.  Your voice is what the reader wants to hear.
  • Use AXES process to help you plan
  • Read your paper aloud to check for grammar and spelling mistakes. These types of mistakes show carelessness that decreases your credibility and are far too easy to make.
  • Use the Writing Center services for assistance



  • Outline due in class on Monday, September 12
  • Draft 1 (3 copies) for peer review due in class on Wednesday, September 14
  • Final draft due (hardcopy and Safe Assign) due Monday, September 19


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