Need Help-Application Essay

Need Help-Application Essay

Home and College Life: A Story of Change


I need help on writing Application Essay to describe my academic journey.

I’m am looking for in depth analysis about my lifestyle (or a different one) that has transformed me to get ready to join college. Interesting point of focus is that I am adopted from Russia and surprisingly learned to speak English the past 6 months. This can be elaborated well by explaining the importance of me acquiring education to this level. You probably don’t want all the information and my life story, but I need a prompt essay that describes my journey from one country, Russia to another, USA, and how each of the values has  shaped a person like me.

I was also raised in a Christian-valued home that emphasized service, family, and community in that order. These things can be exemplified into the development of my life. Living in the U.S. is quite different than living in Russia. The traditional, cultural,  and social specks of where I grew up has almost left me and has been replaced with American core values, which personally I appreciate. This application essay is one that I will template a description across all  points of view to another. Basically I want an essay that describes a geographical influence of two different places that helps me become a likable candidate for college…if this description of this essay I am looking for isn’t suitable…then feel free to help describe other important factors that a community, culture, and tradition has on other people and their journey to joining college.

I need help on writing Application Essay to describe my academic journey.


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