Need Help- CRJ435; Discussion

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Need Help- CRJ435; Discussion

Developmental theories have achieved widespread acceptance because they explain onset; escalation; course maintenance; de-escalation; desistance in individuals’ delinquent and criminal careers. Developmental models help to map the offense-based pathway to gang involvement. The developmental framework, in a simplified manner, depicts key stepping-stones in the gang member pathway.

Using this week’s reading from your textbook, determine three (3) key propositions of developmental or life-course theories that you find most relevant to the onset of adolescence criminal groups. Next suggest two (2) ways for each of your selected key propositions of development or life-course theories that we can use to alter the outcomes of the gang member pathways to reduce gang activity.

Using the Internet, and your textbook propose four (4) common misperceptions about gang involvement, persistence, and desistence that can be debunked.

Next, of the four (4) misconceptions you proposed which debunked misconception surprised you the most. Justify your response.

Need Help- CRJ435; Discussion

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