Need Help-OESM 102 Homework No. 3

Need Help-OESM 102 Homework No. 3

OESM 102 Homework No. 3

Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health Standards Part II and CFR 1910.21 – 1910.39

Due 9/19/16


  1. You have 25 employees at your retail store and have not had a recordable accident in 2 years.  Are you required to have a written safety and health program?  Why? 




  1. An employee has a prescription for medical marijuana. What would be a reason you would not let him work in your machine shop while using the marijuana?



  1. What is the permissible exposure level for organic arsenic compounds?



  1. The floor of your maintenance shop has several holes in it and some protruding nails. Why are you likely to be cited if there is a HIOSH inspection?



  1. At what height do you need to provide railings or equivalent protection o an open sided floor or platform?




  1. Your architect wants to make the rise height and tread width different for every step of the entrance stairs for your new office. He says this will attract special attention from your clients. What is your advice concerning safety and why?




  1. What is the maximum length of a metal stepladder?



  1. Can you paint a metal fixed ladder? Why?



  1. You build a wood pole scaffold that is 8 feet high to complete some maintenance work. Are you required to put guard rails on the open sides of the scaffold? Why?



  1.  Exit route doors can be locked from the inside in mental, penal and correctional facilities under what conditions?




OESM 102

Completing Homework Assignments

Unless otherwise stated, all homework questions require a 2-part answer.


  1. Identify where you found the answer

Cite the specific standard number to the greatest detail possible

If State standard – 12-60-2(a)(1)

If Federal standard – 1910.68(c)(1)

Write the numbers and letters just as they are written in the standard – case

sensitive, use ( )’s, periods, dashes, correct numbers, etc.

Cite preceding/succeeding sections only if they apply to the same topic and are

needed to answer the question

Do not cite definitions, appendices, tables, etc. unless specifically requested

Do not cite page numbers

Check your answer by “backing up” and attempting to find the section again

using your answer.


  1. Give a short, complete answer to the question asked.

Give one answer – not multiple answers hoping to cover all bases.

The answer should be best one for the situation described in the question.

The answer needs to be specific – no “shotgunning”

Do not cite an entire paragraph with multiple sections

If you do believe multiple sections are needed to answer the question, identify each

and describe how it applies to question

If there does not appear to be a correct answer, provide a brief explanation or

justification for the answer you give.

Don’t change the question to fit your answer.


  1. Do NOT quote standards text word for word as the answer to a question.


  1. Home work may be typed or handwritten. If handwritten, must be legible and easily readable (by the instructor!).


  1. If not using the formatted question sheet, be sure to include the question with your answer.



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