Need Help-Sourcing Perception and Corporate Outsourcing

Sourcing Perception and Corporate Outsourcing

Write a 12-15 pages topical paper, (cover page, abstract, references and attachments not counted in 12-15 page count) with citations. The subject of which is directly relevant to Purchasing and Acquisitions Management that clearly demonstrates a graduate level command of writing and critical thinking. Minimum of 8 scholarly references (WikiLeaks, Wikipedia and dictionaries are not scholarly references).


Topic: Sourcing Perception and Corporate Outsourcing

Sub Points:

  1. 1. Outsourcing

In recent years sourcing has become much more proactive than it once was. The organization’s information system allows supply managers to study the aggregation of its supply requirements.


  • Understanding what outsourcing entails and why companies outsource
  • Identify and define strategic issues to consider in deciding to outsource manufacturing
  • Explain why a company may favor making a product in-house.


  1. Sourcing

–     Understand the importance of the supplier selection process

–     Know where to find potential suppliers when developing a supply base

–     Evaluate potential suppliers to determine their strengths and capabilities.

–     Know when to bid competitively versus negotiate with suppliers


  1.     Global Supply Management

–     Explain why global sourcing is here for the long term

–    Understand and identify how companies benefit from buying globally

–     Recognize potential issues that can arise in buying globally

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