Help with Work Cited Pages

Help with Work Cited Pages

  1. Abortion (mother’s rights vs. rights of the unborn)



  1. Legalize Recreational Marijuana (not medical



  1. Black Lives Matter (in practice, civil rights or civil unrest)



  1. Suicide (a personal right or state’s interest)



  1. Bullying (a modern dilemma or just “kids will be kids”)



  1. Sexting (is it pornography, and should the age of consent matter)



  1. Tobacco-free campus (personal right vs. public health)



  1. Racial Profiling (more or less acceptable because of terrorism concern)



  1. Alcohol consumption (should legal age be lowered)



  1. Police Brutality (abuse vs. perceived danger)





Pick two topics and make a works cited page only. You will need to have 5 pro references and 5 con references. 5 articles need to support one side and then 5 articles on the other side. You don’t have to agree with a side just cite the articles.Do not write legal articles. Only academic articles.You can look anywhere to find articles google scholar and pro quest are some good sites to look at. Your only formatting a works cited page. They will need to be alphabetized as well. So there will be 20 entries total, 10 for each side. There does not need to be an official heading or APA heading.

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