Need Help-EDU20003: Contemporary Perspectives of Learning and Development

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Need Help-EDU20003: Contemporary Perspectives of Learning and Development

Assessment 2: Report

Word limit: 2500 (+/- 10%)

APA Formatting – Times New Roman, 12pt font size, running

head, title page, double spacing, side margins, in-text citations,

APA formatted reference list.
Assessment overview

This assessment requires you to individually research and report on BULLYING and how it affects children’s learning and development in Australian primary schools. This assessment will give you an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the contemporary issues and societal influences affecting children’s development, as well as to reflect on how these issues may impact your teaching practice.

Assessment details

Research and report on Bullying and the affects it has on children’s learning and development in Australian primary schools today. You should use relevant research literature to discuss the context and impact of current inclusive education policies

You should frame your report around child development theories and/or models (for example, Bronfenbrenner’s ecological theory). You should choose two to three theories as the base and theoretical lens/theoretical approach in which to discuss the issue and your findings. Refer to learning materials and the Assessment 2 area within Blackboard for further support in choosing and discussing relevant theories in your report.

Ensure your report following components:

  1. Executive summary: a short, sharp summary of whole report.
  2. Table of contents
  3. Introduction:
    • Introduce issue and theories framing your report.
    • Rationale explaining the relevance of teachers having an understanding of these issues.
  4. Findings:
    • Discusses key points of a current issue.
    • Identifies factors contributing to the issue.
    • Reports on the potential effects of the issue in relation to children’s learning and development in the primary school setting.
  5. Conclusion: include recommendations.



Knowledge and interpretation of current perspectives, theories and issue/s affecting children’s development.


Evidence of critical reflection in rationale for choice.

Concise but thoughtful discussions of key points including contributing factors and potential effects. Clear links between points, recommendations and relevant readings.


Critical evaluation and analysis of how contemporary theories impact personal teaching practice.


Demonstrates insight and a deep understanding of theory and how it applies to teaching and learning in relation to the issue.


Appropriate selection, depth and breadth of research and analysis.


Insightful discussion.

Recommendations include inclusive policies and specific teaching strategies.

Considers contextual factors and makes clear links to underpinning theory.

Extensive relevant research from unit readings and beyond.


Academic expression and referencing.


Report format is detailed, concise and professional, and aligns with expected report format and structure.

Systematically integrates source information.

Consistent spelling, grammar and APA style referencing and citation used throughout.

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