Need Help-Foreign Policy Paper

Need Help-Foreign Policy Paper

Foreign Policy Paper Instructions:

1500 words

For this course, students are required to research and write a “Foreign Policy Paper” that consists of at least 1,500 words of good, solid academic substance (not counting the Title Page or the Works Cited/References section).


“The Treaty of Rome”

The paper should focus on a formal agreement or treaty that has been entered into between two or more nations (either through the United Nations, World Trade Organization or another international organization).

A specific area of international law may also be suitable.

Students should not limit themselves to an official U.S. foreign policy, but can research and write about an official foreign policy of any nation.

You do, however, need to limit your selection to just one foreign policy issue. Students are encouraged to discuss their issue with the instructor in advance.

In selecting and researching your topic, the following websites should prove helpful:

Almanac of Policy Issues Council on Foreign Relations Foreign Policy U.S. Department of State Foreign Affairs Foreign Policy Journal Foreign Policy Research Institute In your paper, students must provide a comprehensive, objective overview of the foreign policy issue or treaty.

An important part of the paper is providing an analysis of the policy’s impact on geopolitics and international relations.

For instance, how has the policy affected diplomatic relations among certain nations? How has the policy impacted aspects of U.S. foreign policy? While the paper should be written in your own words, it should NOT include personal opinions or anecdotal information. Since a detailed set of instructions are provided, the instructor does NOT review “rough drafts” of student work. Submit your paper only when you are ready for the instructor to review and grade your completed work. Your paper must contain at least FIVE (5) different sources of information – in addition to the course textbook. The instructor does not consider Wikipedia to be an acceptable academic resource. The paper must be written and submitted in APA and all work must be properly cited (which includes all necessary “in-text/paper” citations and a comprehensive Works Cited/References section at the end).


Need Help-Foreign Policy Paper


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