Help Captiva Conglomerat-CASE STUDY ANALYSISe

Help Captiva Conglomerat-CASE STUDY ANALYSISe

Week 6 – Captiva Conglomerate

Due Sep 24 by 11:59pm

  • Points 100
  • Submitting a text entry box or a file upload (Turnitin enabled)
  • Available Aug 14 at 12am – Sep 24 at 11:59pm about 1 month

Captiva Conglomerate case (p. 194). Students will perform an analysis and assessment of the case that addresses the following:

  • A summary of the major facts surrounding the case
  • A narrative discussion pointing out the major problem
  • List a minimum of 3 possible alternatives that Captiva can employ to resolve the problem and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

This paper should be completed in the Mandatory Format Forr Case Analysis, “typed” in Microsoft Word, double spaced, and not to exceed two pages. Submit your assignment here.




Please provide your full name on each page of your response to each case.

Case Name:

  1. Major Facts

(State the major facts as you see them.  Make statements clear and concise for your own understanding from reading the case.  You can make assumptions and extrapolations, but do not use these as facts.)

  1. Major Problem

(State the major problem as you see it.  Emphasize the present major problem.  You may wish to phrase your problem statement in the form of a question.  In some cases, more than one major problem may exist.  A good problem statement should be concise – preferably only one sentence.)

III.       Possible Solutions

  1. (List the possible solutions to the major problem. From your reading of the textbook, class notes, and other relevant materials [e.g., Internet sources, Webster Library references], identify, recommend, and defend alternative solutions to the major and any related problems.  You also may state your rationale for not choosing a particular solution.)
  2. (Do not limit yourself to only one or two possible solutions. These solutions, however, should be distinct from each other.)
  3. (You may wish to include portions of one solution in another solution, as long as each solution is independent. Only in this manner will your subsequent choice be definitive.)
  4. (Briefly note advantages and disadvantages of each possible/probable solution.)
  5. Implementation

(When requested, prepare a plan to implement your choice)


Each case should be two-pages, double-spaced, in length. Please limit your response to three pages.

Help Captiva Conglomerat-CASE STUDY ANALYSIS

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