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Discussion 0
(Student Introductions)
Your Name
Your Major
Your work experience or last co-op
Share something about yourself that may be of interest to others
Give one reason why you’re in this course
Discussion 1
You’ve been at Magnetar Logistics Solutions for nine years and earned a reputation for leading a team that gets done what you say it will get done when you say it will be done. Now your sales team is close to landing a new 10-figure contract with an established client, Peterson Warehousing, Inc.You brought Peterson on board six years ago and have since grown and nurtured the relationship, and gotten to know this client in depth. One of the reasons you’ve achieved so much over the years is that you’ve always trusted your team members and given them the room and support they need to operate in their own way.
They’ve repaid you by coming through time and time again with top quality solutions that always matched clients’ needs. But Peterson is a different case—at least it seems that way to you; —it’s your baby and it’s a big account. You know Peterson better than anyone else, and now you’re facing a very hard deadline in only weeks, which will determine whether or not you get the new contract. At this point you’re doing a lot of close supervision on this project and not giving team members very much space to operate. There are many complexities with Peterson that you’re worried the team will overlook, but which you are o
n top of. The team as a whole is starting to feel the impact of your switch in management style.What are the consequences of your shifting management style midstream on this
project . . . for success with the client? . ..for your team? . . . for your reputation as a successful Manager?
September 10, 2016
Revision 0
Page 2 of 17
Discussion 2
As the loan officer of a small community bank, you’ve just been approached for a commercial business loan. A group of three entrepreneurs are asking for $250,000
to start a craft brewery producing beers with a local flavor. There is already one microbrewery in your town of 20,000 full-timers and another 20,000 university
students. It has been linked with a popular tavern and music venue for several
years, and recently expanded its brewing capacity to allow distribution into
regional markets. The entrepreneurs proposing the new craft brewery include a
brewer who learned his trade in Portland, Oregon, and won a national award for a
strong, vanilla-mint specialty brew. The plan is to take his expertise and create
spin-off brews that will be both national award-winners and local favorites. They
want the bank financing to purchase and equip a brewing facility on the outskirts
of town.
What will you look for as positive and negative signals in the business plan?
When you meet with the would-be ent
repreneurs, what will be the first five
questions you will ask and what answers will you want to receive before deciding
whether to lend them the funds? Overall, w
hat are the major risks associated with
this proposal and what is the probability of
it being successful enough to justify a
startup loan?
Discussion 3
You are an elementary school principal. One of your best teache
rs—perhaps the
best—is causing a bit of an uproar. She is in her second year o
n staff after
graduating from college and is
doing a wonderful job with the s
econd graders.
They’re happy, the parents are happy, and you’re happy. The oth
er teachers aren’t
happy, at least some of them aren’t. Two of the more outspoken
and senior
teachers came to you today with a request. “Do something about
her,” they said.
“She is consistently late in t
he mornings. You know our policy
is for the teacher
to be in the classroom at least 30 minutes before school starts
.” You are aware of
her tardiness, but you also know t
hat she consistently stays la
te and is most often
the last teacher out of the building at the end of the day. She
isn’t aware that her
co-workers have complained about her. You can’t put this off be
cause the
grumbling is starting to spread.
September 10, 2016
Revision 0
Page 3 of 17
What do you do, and why? How can you tu
rn this into an opportunity to develop
an approach that accommodates a range of personal work styles and different
classroom approaches, all while hol
ding up high performance standards?
Discussion 4
Performance reviews in your firm have always been completed by
managers and
then discussed with workers. But y
ou’ve been reading about 360
degree reviews
that include feedback from peers and others working with or for
the person being
evaluated. You’re also aware that new technology makes it easy
to conduct
evaluations online and even to ma
ke them happen in almost real
time, on a
project-by-project basis, without a manager leading the process
. As soon as a task
is completed by an individual or team, a 360 degree review can
be done online
and the feedback immediately u
sed for future performance improv
ement. You’d
like to start crowdsourcing eval
uations at your firm in order t
o save costs by
cutting management levels, and also to improve the flow and tim
eliness of
performance feedback.
Before going further, you sit
down to make a list of the
pros and cons of the idea.
What’s on your list of pros and cons, and why? You next decide to make another
list of resources and support from key persons
that would be needed to implement
the practice. What’s on this second list and why?
Discussion 5
You are the athletic director at
a large private university wit
h a highly
comprehensive, highly competitive intercollegiate athletics pro
gram. Every
year the football team is ranke
d in the top 25 and is always in
the hunt for
an NCAA Division I national ch
ampionship. The football team cap
tain at
your university has just been i
n your office. He presented you
with a
petition signed by 70% of the player
s that requests permission
to start the
process leading to unionization. T
he players aren’t asking to b
e paid, but
they believe it is in their bes
t interests to have union protec
tion when it
comes to their physical well-being, academic progress, and fina
affairs. Since you are at a priv
ate university, the players are
within their
rights and can speak with unions s
uch as the National College P
Association about representing
them. The next step in the proce
ss will be
for the players to distribute f
ormal “union cards” for signatur
es. If at least
September 10, 2016
Revision 0
Page 4 of 17
30% sign the cards, they could ask
the National Labor Relations
Board to
endorse their request to unionize
. This is a complete surprise
to you.
You have to contact the university pr
esident, but you want to be well
prepared. What notes will you ma
ke about on goals, critical issues,
possible outcomes, and stakeholders in
this situation? What will be on
your list of possible recommendations? W
hat will be your preferred course
of action, and why?
NOTE – Discussion 0 (Student Int
roductions) will not be graded
and will not be part of the Final Grade
for the course. Only one (1) post per student is required for
Discussion 0 – Student Introductions.
Graded online discussions are based on assigned readings and le
cture material. These discussions replace
traditional seminar room discussions. They allow you to partic
ipate at your convenie
nce. They enable us
to explore the meanings and implications of assigned readings.
The opening and closing dates of the discussions can be found i
n the “Course Weekly Schedule”.
While the discussion is open you should visit it frequently to
see what your peers are thinking about the
topic. Participate regularly near the beginning, middle and en
d of each discussion topic.
You will be expected to post your thoughts on the
topic at least four (4) times while the discussion topic
is open.
Your participation on the Discussion Board must
take place on at least two (2) separate days
throughout the discussion period.
At least one of your posts must be the start of an
original thread with an original contribution, opinion
or analysis of the discussion topic.
The postings must be written w
ith same quality as any professio
nal document in full English sentences
with proper structure and syntax.
Formatting Written Assignments and Proper Citation of Sources
All Homework Assignments and the Written Report (both Draft and
Final) shall be formatted
using the Modern Language
Association (MLA) Style.
MLA Style is not required for Discussion posts.
September 10, 2016
Revision 0
Page 5 of 17
The written assignments shall comply with the format described
on the MLA Style Center
lease note the following:
A title page is not required.
Leave two spaces after the peri
od at the end of a sentence.
Leave one space after all
other punctuation marks.
Use MLA for source docu
mentation. A list of
Works Cited
shall be included at the end of the
paper. Begin this
list on a new page.
The most recent formatting guidelines can be found in the eight
h edition of the MLA manual.
Additional information is availa
Homework 1 Case 2
on at the Speed of Light
Textbook Pages 441-442
In what ways are elements of the
classical management and behav
management approaches evident in how things are done at Zara In
How can systems concepts and contingency thinking explain the s
uccess of some
of Zara’s distinctive practices?
Zara’s logistics system and management practices can handle t
he current pace
of growth, but they will need updating at some point in the fut
ure. How could
quantitative management approaches and data analytics help Zara
executives plan
for the next generation of its l
ogistics and management approac
As a consultant chosen by Zara t
o assist with the expansion of
its U.S. stores,
you have been asked to propose how
evidence-based management mi
ght help the
firm smooth its way to success with an American workforce. What
areas will you
suggest be looked at for evidence-based decision making, and wh
Homework 2 Case 6
IN-N-OUT BURGER – Building Them Better
Textbook Pages 447-448
Rich Snyder was twenty-four year
s old when he assumed leadershi
p of In-N-
Out after his father passed away. In what ways do you think his
young age was an
asset or a liability for his leader
ship? Does age really matter
in entrepreneurship?
September 10, 2016
Revision 0
Page 6 of 17
In an era of fusion cuisine and extreme fajitas, is In-N-Out’s
strategy of offering only four
simple food items still on track
? How about the
firm’s approach to employees? Does it give them an edge over th
e fast-food
A would-be entrepreneur walks
into your bank and asks to receiv
e financing
for a business plan modeled after In-N-Out’s approach and extre
mely simple
menu. But all the ingredients would come from local suppliers a
nd growers
within a 30-mile radius of tow
n. Is this a winning recipe deser
ving of financing
from your bank? What would you
like to see in the business plan
approving the loan?
Homework 3 Case 11
NIKE – Spreading Out to Win the Race
Textbook Pages 453-454
What factors drive Nike’s decisi
on to stick with some form of n
organizational structure rather
than own its manufacturing oper
Could a shift toward a more mech
anistic organizational design h
elp Nike
avoid past reputational problems
with its global supply chain,
such as bad
labor practices by some of its foreign contractors?
Draw a diagram that shows what you believe Nike’s present organ
structure looks like. Be sure to include all possible componen
ts. Next look at
the diagram as an organization design consultant. Ask: How can
this structure
be improved? How can Nike gain even more operating efficiency w
losing its performance edge in terms of continually coming up w
ith innovative,
high quality, top-design shoes?
Homework assignments are an opport
unity for the student to appl
y the course material to the
assigned case studies.
Grades for these assignments
will be based on the student’s abi
lity to demons
trate their
knowledge of the course material
and the ability to apply the c
ourse material to the case study.
Each student shall write and submit the homework assignments in
dividually. This is NOT a
group assignment.
The homework assignments shall be 2 to 3 pages (do not exceed 3
pages), double spaced.
Include a “Works Cited” secti
on that lists all sources. The Wo
rks Cited section is IN
ADDITION to the 2 to 3 pa
ges of material.
September 10, 2016
Revision 0
Page 7 of 17
The written report is an opportuni
ty for the student to perform
further research on any of the case
studies in the textbook.
Each student shall write and subm
it the written report individu
ally. This is NOT a group
The report is to be a typed Word
document. The report should be
organized, be
both grammatically and technically
correct and it should cover
topics as completely as
necessary. The report must include references, graphs and
other pertinent
documentation. All
resource materials must be properly referenced
with full credits. The report will not be
returned, so it is suggested that
you make a copy for yourself.
The written report shall be 5 to 6 pages (do not exceed 6 pages
), double spaced. Include a
“Works Cited” section that list
s all sources. The Works Cited
section is IN ADDITION to the 5
to 6 pages of material.
Students will submit a DRAFT wr
itten report on or before the da
te listed in the syllabus. The
instructors will prov
ide feedback on the draft. The draft writ
ten report will not be part of the
Final Grade for the course.
The FINAL written report must be submitted on or before the dat
e listed in the syllabus. The
final written report will be a
ssigned a numeric grade and will
be part of the Final Grade for the
Select one (1) case study assignment from the list below:

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