Need Help-Questions from Galileo, Sidereus Nuncius

Need Help-Questions from Galileo, Sidereus Nuncius

Galileo, Sidereus Nuncius

Reading the book Galileo, Sidereus Nuncius.

Answer the following questions:

1. What was the general response to Galileo’s publishing of his findings?


2. Galileo’s finding were controversial for several reasons, the first having to do with the actual use of the spyglass, identify at least three reasons why it was controversail.


3. In response to Galileo’s work, Christopher Clavius is quoted as saying, ‘to believe slowly is the sinew of wisdom.” (Galileo, 90) What does he mean by that? What are the implication for this philosophy?


4.A scientist named Horky was not a “fan” of Galileo, What is his response to Galileo’s publication?


5. Kepler, on the other hand, was very supportive. Describe his reponse.


6. Who else provided independent verification of Galileo’s work? List at least six.


7. What was the implication of this verification?


8. What is the significance of the anagram “the mother of love [Venus] emulates the figures of Cynthia [the moon].”. (Galileo, 107)


9. What was the response of the astronomers of the Collegio Romano to Galileo’s findings? What was the implication of this response?


10. In conclusion to his philosophizing about the relationship between God and science, Kepler wonders, “How far the knowledge of nature progressed, how much is left, and how may the men if the future expect?” What is he thinking about and how does this connect to what ultimately happens to Galileo?

Need Help-Questions from Galileo, Sidereus Nuncius

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