The Challenges of Protecting Rare Species Pa

Subject Ecology
Topic The Challenges of Protecting Rare Species

Paper details

Paper details: ** I would like to Request the Writer who wrote my last order for me if he/she is available, Writer#10235** This is a BIOL 3415-L1 – Concepts of Ecology Course For 1st Reference: (Case Study done from) pg.395. Required Text & Materials: Visualizing Environmental Science. David M Hassenzahl, Mary Catherine Hager, Linda R. Berg. ISBN-9781118169834 Here is your common list of questions for each case study that needs to be answered from the material I will (Upload). The Case Study should follow the format below and should not be more than a few paragraphs for each question answered totaling 2 ½ pages not including the Cover Sheet and the Reference page. Table of Contents Introduction (should be on Title Page with the Table of Contents) which is the Questions below. 1. What is the problem identified in the case study? 2. How did it arise? 2. What is the impact of the problem on the components of ecosystem, biotic or abiotic? 3. What is the solution to the problem? 4. What is your opinion about the solution? 5. What should the approach be for the future in each case? **APA In-Text Citation if needed ***Use Simply Voice, not too many Big Academia Words*** *For this Assignment use #3 in the documents I uploaded.

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