Assignment Help-Statistics

 Assignment Help-Statistics

PART B: Correlation and Regression

These instructions apply to the following problems.

(a) Draw the scatter plot for the variables.

(b) Compute the correlation coefficient. Use three decimal places.

(c) Find the equation of the regression line.

(d) Find the predicted y-value for the specified x-value.

Use technology.

  1. Consider the data.
X 160 227 140 144 161 147 141
Y 189 157 140 127 123 106 101

Find y-predicted when x = 170.


Week 7 Homework Assignments

  1.  This week we must read

Lane et al. Chapters 14 & 17
Illowsky et al. Chapters 11 & 12

  1.  Do the four problems listed in the table below.
  2.  Please submit them in your Assignment Folder for grading.
eResources Chapter Problem Page*
Lane et al. 17 5 613 Chi-square Goodness of Fit
14 616 Chi-square test of Independence
Illowski et al. 11 102 623 Chi-square test of Homogeneity
12 82 687 Regression


Assignment Help-Statistics

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