Homework Help-ITM 1270-Mashaw

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Homework Help-ITM  1270-Mashaw

ITM  1270-Mashaw              Take Home 2, 10 points (no Cooperation)          Name:

The material for this TH is coming from Ch 1, 2 of the Computers;  Ch 3 of the Simplified, and Chapters 3, 4, 5 of the Office. [The criteria for grading this homework is 1) Completeness, 1) Professionally prepared work, 3) Diligent and enthuse work, and 4) The accuracy in your answer. Make sure to indent each answer to identify it.]

Part I  Discuss, explain
  1. Discuss briefly, explain (Prefer your own words, use your own understanding. This is also a test to see how effectively you can use your word processor.)
  2. Search and read about events in computer evolution; summarize at least 5 important events (according to your opinion.)
The Year The event Explanation of the event Why it was important


  1. How does a computer do the processing (process data/information)?







  1. What are the differences between a USB, and a Serial Port








  1. Per instructions in the Lab, insert a table with 4 columns to compare computers performances. In the first column, write the performance criteria, in the second column write the information about your computer (the processor’s Architect/model, Speed, RAM size, hard disk capacity, …), and in the third and fourth column write information for two computers that you find for purchase.











Part II  Hands on   (print enough documents to show your work)

A.  The Computer:  Do the following exercises.  Make a note of how you can do it, or how you did it.
  1. What is the file extension for Word 2003 document? What is the file type for following extensions, what is the default program? (hint: check in :  control Panel -> default program)
txt Rtf mpeg
doc Tiff avi
docx bmp Mp4
pdf jpeg Mp3


  1. What kind of Hardware does your computer have? List a few. (Hint: Control Panel ->System->Device Mgr)






  1. Use Notepad, type a line, count the number of characters typed, save (with the extension of txt), and close.

What name did you use?                           What extension?          How many characters did you type?


Check its property, write the amount of storage used:



  1. Use the snipping tool, cut a piece of picture, and paste it here. Change some of its properties.



  1. MS Word,
  2. Create a new Document, include some text (1 page is good enough), and do/practice the following. Show how you do each. Print your  practice work to support your efforts. (Practice doing the following, and explain the menus, and submenus that you are using, use notations.  Print a sample of your work)
  3. Change/add the font Color of a sentence



  1. Insert a family picture,



  1. Change the property of the picture to be “tight” (to float the picture) and the line color to be red, with a width of 6 points,



  1. Format the picture: change brightness, contrast, style, crop it, recolor it, Rotate & Flip, etc.



  1. Insert a smartArt Obj.



  1. Change the margins of only one paragraph (hint: indent a paragraph, note the hanging indent marker, Left and Right indent marker)



  1. Insert a formula such as β → £ . ã



  1. Insert a picture on page 2, set its Orientation to Landscape.



  1. Insert a Happy face (from shapes), change line color to be red, with a width of 6 points



  1. Insert a picture and format; change brightness, contrast, and style; crop it to a smaller size


  1. a. Insert a header to this document, your name should appear on the right
  2. Insert a footer to this document, the footer should show “Take Home # ” , and then the page #



  1. Type a slang, an expression on a line, copy and paste it at least 10  times; change the font and font size (both) for each line. At the end of each line identify the font and size. For example:

Learn by Exploring;   this is Bdoni  MT  , 14 pts


Learn by Exploring;   this is Arial rounded Black, 16 pts




Part III Applications, challenging task, write a book
  1. Prepare a flyer for selling something(or for a garage sale)
  2. Set the margin to .75″ all around
  3. Set the orientation to landscape
  4. put an “art” boarder around the page


Your flyer should be designed attractively; include a text box, clip arts, and shapes.   Make sure to set the property of an object so that you can move it around.


2.  Write your first book to teach MS word, call it something like:  “Manual of Instructions for MS Word”


Write a short “Manual of Instruction” for your friend so that he/she can learn whatever you have learned about MS-Word.   You may call it “A Quick Guide of How to Use Word” (you can change the title if you want.)  You need to be creative. In this instructional manual that you are writing, give instructions and examples of how to use MS-Word to a friend-student who needs to take a test for this purpose. You may say something like:  In order to do that, do: 1.  do . .. ,  2 do … etc.


You should use the majority of skills that you have learned so far, like save/save as,  copy/paste,  doing bullets and numbering, inserting a date, a symbol, a picture  in a document, etc. (This would be a good summary for yourself. )

It is a good idea to use the snipping tool, cut and paste a piece of the menus of the Word, and refer to it.

Your Manual should be professionally prepared (at least 5 pages),  with

  1. Cover page,
  2. Table of content,
  3. The content which should have Major headings, and sub headings, etc.

Homework Help-ITM  1270-Mashaw

ORDER NOW your custom paper to have it completed successfully on time.

Email Us: support@customwritings-us.com

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