Need Help: BAO6504 Accounting for Management

BAO6504 Accounting for Management

Group term paper: Company Report on BlueScope Steel Ltd 20% This assessment is to be done with a group of a maximum of four students. The group’s task is to report on BlueScope Steel Ltd, the country’s leading steel manufacturer whose shares are listed in the Australian Stock Exchange. The group is to take on the perspective of a management consultant hired by BlueScope to identify and analyse key financial issues regarding its business situation and performance in the last five years (Years ending 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016). Key issues would refer to profitability, asset efficiency, liquidity, capital structure and market performance. The analysis should likewise refer to the company’s stated strategy and actual progress during the five-year report period. To have a clear view of the business situation, the group needs to evaluate the company’s recent past, and current performance through processing information contained in company annual reports, the company website, analyst reports, and other business media. The report must include horizontal and vertical financial analysis with a summary of relevant ratios in the last five years. Prepare graphs of trends. The group should also report on share price movements over the last five years and comment on the extent company developments have impacted the share price. In addition, the group must identify and expound on strategic management initiatives as described in company annual reports. The report should then comment on whether results have been or are being achieved. To arrive at a broadly-informed evaluation, the group needs to consider the general industry situation and developments in the domestic and international steel industry including relevant references made to BlueScope’s competitors. Thus a scan of pertinent business media must be undertaken to collect this information. A good place to start is to look up updated industry information in VU Library. A guide on how to get to the site accompanies this brief. The group is to report on their findings and recommendations to BlueScope’s Board of Directors. The report should include the following as a minimum: cover sheet (title and authors), executive summary, table of contents, body of content, conclusion, references and appendix (if applicable). We want “think not ink” – rarely are the longest explanations the best. Use dot points where suitable. A good report will not only describe observations but more importantly, include an analysis and explanations of these observations. A typical paper is about 4000 words of concentrated and well thought-out discussion. Tables are included in the word count but not the references. A minimum of 20 references is expected and these sources must be acknowledged using Harvard referencing. The report is due on SWOTVAC week, Tuesday, 25 October at 5:00 pm and must be uploaded at our Collaborate Dropbox. At the same time, a hard copy must be handed to the Unit Coordinator, Dr Rafael Paguio. A marking guide for this group assignment follows. 2 BAO6504 Company Report Marks Award MAX Poor (Fail) Pass Above-Average Excellent Well-prepared background of company, strategy and the industry (mark for quality of information and insights) 3 0 – 1 2 2.5 3 Horizontal and vertical financial analysis with relevant ratios for profitability, asset efficiency, liquidity, capital structure and market performance (mark for completeness, presentation and use of charts / graphs) 6 0 – 2.5 3 – 3.5 4 – 4.5 5 – 6 Insights of financial analysis; plus identification of past or ongoing strategic initiatives that could explain the financial results; reference to industry and competitors’ situations are also expected (mark for scope, relevance and depth) 6 0 – 2.5 3 – 3.5 4 – 4.5 5 – 6 Logical reporting of insights and recommendations to Board (mark for scope, quality and coherence) 3 0 – 1 2 2.5 3 Standard of presentation: English and referencing 0 – 1 2 2.5 3 (mark for of grammar and spelling, professional appearance and correctness) 2 0 – 0.2 1 1.5 2 Total Possible 20 Total:

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