Need help-Assignment

Need help-Assignment

Assignment Instructions

Assignment 1 Requirements


For this and other assignments you will be working on the analysis and design specifications and models of a continuous case study. For this assignment, you will focus on the requirements for the Community Patient Portal System (CPPS) case study.  In a Word document complete Questions 1, 2, 3, 4 for Community Patient Portal System (CPPS) Part requirements.  Read the Community Patient Portal System (CPPS) Part 1 case study.

  1. List and define the stakeholders for CPPS? How involved should CPO’s patients in the system definition?  As the business grows, who else might be potential stakeholders and interested in system functions?  When you define something, use the phrase “A(n) itemtobedefined” is a …”  and then complete the sentence.
  2. List and describe the specificanalysis techniques would you use to determine the requirements if you were hired to design and implement this system?  What questions would you need answered?  Make a list.
  3. What technology and communication requirements would be necessary?  What kind of computer equipment/hardware would be necessary?  What are your recommendations?
  4.  Number, list, and describe the primary functional requirements for the system?  Number, list, and describe the primary nonfunctional requirements?


Submission Instructions

  1. Submit your Word file and name it like LastNameFirstNameAssignment1.
  2. Make certain that you include the above numbered questions with the answers in your document.
  3. Include your name and assignment number at the top of your Word document.
  4. Insert any graphics into your Word document.  Do not submit any graphics separately.


Your assignment will be graded with the following rubric:


Rubric for Assignments Points
Content & Development 50% 50/50
Organization 20% 20/20
Format 10% 10/10
Grammar, Punctuation, & Spelling 15% 15/15
Readability & Style 5% 5/5
Timeliness (late deduction 10 points) Optional
Total 100/100



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