Help me-Final Project Walkthrough

Help me-Final Project Walkthrough

Final Project Walkthrough

  • Select a language spoken by an Immigrant Community in Southern California.
  • Do not work on your native language(Chinese), unless you are a 3rd generation immigrant and have completely lost the heritage language.
  • You can not work on English and Chinese! — Your project won’t be graded if you work on English.
  • Conducting interviews with two native speakers of the target language is MANDATORY! – Younger native speaker (2nd or 3rd Generation) – Older native speaker (1st or 2nd Generation)
  • You will ask the same set of questions to both speakers and compare their responses.
  • What questions to ask? – See section 4.
  • If you find other valuable information from the speakers, feel free to include that…


Your research (apart from the interviews):

  • If you can find studies that have been conducted on the use of the target language, then include them. • Try to find pictures and/or documents that may indicate the language use in the community. – For example, billboards, restaurant menus, DMV documents, etc.
  • Sections I, II, III will require you to find the needed information through your own research.


Useful Class Units:

  • For section IV refer to the Unit on Language Shift & Loss.
  • Refer to the unit on ‘Languages in the US’ for sections I and II.
  • Refer to unit on ‘Building Block of Language’ and ‘Languages in the World’ for section III


  • Group work is limited to conducting interviews and collecting information.
  • You will write the project report independently and each group member will submit their own project report. • At the top of your report you will include the names of all your group members.
  • Do not work in groups of more than 5 people.
  • You will include proper references for the source of your information, including webpages.
  • You can use either APA or MLA reference styles, as long as you are consistent.
  • Do NOT reveal the names of your speakers. Refer to your speakers as, e.g. Speaker # or Younger speaker/ Older speaker.
  • Use of Wikipedia should be very limited!

Help me-Final Project Walkthrough

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