Assignment help-BLM’s Environmental Assessment,

Assignment help-BLM’s Environmental Assessment,

Consider the recently-designated San Gabriel National Monument (background – links to external site (Links to an external site.)) on the edge of Los Angeles (see both the interactive map (Links to an external site.) & more detailed USFS map (Links to an external site.)). How would you apply the Recreation Opportunity Spectrum (ROS) framework described in McCool et al (Week 8) to establish areas of the National Monument lands for diverse attitudes, preferences and motivations? Which ROS settings would you apply to various parts of the monument and why? (Answer should be 150-300 words)

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Revisit the video we watched on the first day of class, “Should public lands be a natural setting for extreme sports?” by PBS Newshour. Watch film. (Links to an external site.) Next, review the Bureau of Land Management’s recent Environmental Assessment  (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) recommending action to restrict roped activities at Corona and Gemini Arches.(If you have trouble with link, the document is included on Canvas under Files/Final Exam).

Compose a response to the BLM’s Environmental Assessment, drawing heavily from course materials and concepts. Analyze the various dimensions of this recreation management issue according to the criteria below. (Answers should be between 150-300 words).

  • Briefly describe the social conflicts occurring on BLM lands in Utah. Compare and contrast the two primary recreation user groups identified in the film. Characterize each user group’s values and motivations for outdoor recreation. 
  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the BLM’s proposed approach and predict how the management actions will affect the different recreation user groups.
  • Make an argument in favor or in opposition of the agencies decision and support your argument with material from the Environmental Analysis as well as from class readings.  

Assignment help-BLM’s Environmental Assessment,


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