Due Tuesday 10/1
The Movie “The Social Network” (2010) by David Fincher focuses on the character of Mark
Zuckerberg and his actions as Facebook, the social networking site he created. We will examine and
critique Mark Zuckerberg behaviors (as represented in the movie).
For this assignment, watch the movie and write a reflection paper on it (see instructions below).
You can find the movie on or other retail companies.
The goal is to use concepts and ideas from the readings of this course, as well as some concepts and
ideas from outside the course, to understand, critique, and evaluate the actions of the main character
from a social networks perspective.
This assignment is worth 20 points towards the final grade and it is due Tuesday January 10th at
10PM via D2L Dropbox. Please email me with any questions or concerns. NB: submit either this
assignment or the movie assignment, do not submit both assignments.
Outcome: submit a minimum 4 pages and maximum 5 pages long (double spaced) paper that
include three main components:
1. PROS. The first component should apply at least two concepts from the readings of our
class to address the question of how and why the main character successfully managed his
social network when working towards creating Facebook. This is basically a list of positive
critiques, “pros”, or “plusses”.
Important: make sure to explain both the how and the why; explain exhaustively and in
details the concepts you selected both in your own words and mentioning the appropriate
articles (including the page number), you are welcome to report direct quotations. If you
want and if it fits with your argument, you are welcome to provide also an example or an
idea from the class or outside our class to support and better explain the concepts.
2. CONS. The second component should apply at least two concepts from the readings of our
class (please avoid re-using the same concepts used for point 1), to address the question of
how and why the main character did not manage his own social network when creating
Facebook. This is a list of negative critiques, “cons” or “minuses”
Important: see above
3. EVALUATION. Having compiled a list of evidence in favor and against the main
character’s networking ability, the final part of the essay evaluates his overall performance
in two points:
· First, give your overall evaluation (answer all the following questions): Was the
character a good or poor networker? Why? Which of the pros and cons is most
important in formulating your evaluation?
· Second, using any of the concepts from our class, make at least one recommendation
(but you can list more than one) how the main character could have been a better
social networker


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