Need Help-Virology ( blister)

Need Help-Virology ( blister)


 It was the weekend, but this student had final exams to study for. Monday started exam week and she had five exams awaiting her; one exam on each day. When she washed her face on Saturday, she felt a burning sensation on her lower lip. On Monday morning there was a painful lesion.  She went to the doctor to get some antibiotic cream and was surprised when he asked her about her sexual activity.

Please answer the following questions in complete sentences. Remember to explain your answer (Be thorough

















  1. What viruses can cause this condition? Be specific.





  1. How is this virus(s) transmitted? Be thorough since there are a large variety of ways.






  1. Why was the doctor asking about her history of sexual activity? Could the sore on the mouth be caused by a virus related with sexual activity? Explain




  1. The student was seeking antibiotic cream. Would this have cured the sore? Explain.





  1. What advice should this doc give to help the patient avoid stimulating the virus(s) and causing the symptoms she just experienced? Be thorough.




  1. Can this or these virus(s) be fatal? Explain your answer thoroughly for each since there are a couple of ways that it can be fatal.





  1. Explain, in detail, the ability (the mechanism) of the virus to constantly reappear.



Need Help-Virology ( blister)

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