Computer Homework help-R, Statistical Report

Computer Homework help-R, Statistical Report

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For the computer homework questions, please use the report format:

First, answer the questions in complete sentences, using the output text

or figures as evidence to support your answer; then, attach the program

codes (with comments to code more readable) as an appendix by the

end of the statistical report. When you copy and paste the text part,

please box them and treat them as tables. Please label all your figures

and tables. The code in your appendix may contain extra code you have

used or explored, but should be executable (no errors).


1.Please use R to summarize the Men’s triple jump Olympic records.

  1. Please report the five number summaries of the jumping distance.
  2. Please construct a scatter plot with a regression line.
  3. What are the covariance and correlation between “year” and

“distance”? Please interpret your result in the context.

Year    Distance

1896    13.71

1900    14.47

1904    14.35

1908    14.92

1912    14.64

1920    14.50

1924    15.53

1928    15.21

1932    15.72

1936    16.00

1948    15.40

1952    16.22

1956    16.35

1960    16.81

1964    16.85

1968    17.39

1972    17.35

1976    17.29

1980    17.35

1984    17.25

1988    17.61

1992    18.17

1996    18.09

2000    17.71

2004    17.79

2008    17.67

2012    17.81

2016    17.86


  1. Please use R to summarize Labor Data (please see the file “Labor Data”). You can choose whatever plots and tables to present, as long as they are meaningful. What can you

find from this collected data?

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Computer Homework help-R, Statistical Report

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