TCMU202 – Negotiation Skills

TCMU202 – Negotiation Skills

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Assignment Topic – Negotiating a Job Offer
In Negotiation Skills, you have learned various skills and strategies necessary to both expand and maximize your share of the pie, with the objective to ensure a ‘win-win’ deal for the parties involved.
Salary negotiations are very important, as you can appreciate the implications in terms of welfare, for you and your family for years to come. Consider this example – with an average annual pay increase of 5%, an employee with a starting salary of $55,000 instead of $50,000 would earn an additional $600,000+ over the course of 40-year career.
Thus, your ability to negotiate well with future employers can have a profound impact in your standard of living in years to come.
You have just graduated with your business degree and have just been shortlisted for an interview with a well-known accounting firm for the position of “Graduate Accountant”. You are required to find a suitable company (private or publicly listed) of your choice for this assignment.
You are required to:
1. Conduct comprehensive research and consider the questions and issues from Appendix 4 of main textbook under: (1) “Preparation”, (2) “In vivo: during the negotiation, itself”, and (3) “Post Offer: You have the offer, now what?” and prepare a report within 2000 to 2500 words.
2. Prepare a negotiation worksheet (see next page) for the interview based on your findings and include the worksheet at the front of the report.
The following preparation worksheet has been included as an example. The blank copy following is for your group to complete and submit.
Important: Read carefully Appendix 4 (pages 370-378) and associated chapters (Chapters 1 to 8) from your main textbook Thompson (2012).

Other Requirements:
 Report Length: 2000- 2500 words (excluding bibliography)
 Group Assignment: 4-5 members per group
Formatting requirements:
 Font: Times New Roman
 Font Size: 12
 Spacing: 1.5
 All report must bear typical report format i.e. Title Page, Table of Contents, Executive Summary, Preparation Worksheet, Relevant Paragraphs in the body and conclusion.
Referencing (Harvard Style):
 A minimum of 6 references (excluding textbook)
 Wikipedia as a reference will not be accepted.
 You can also see your Librarian/English Language Coordinator for researching and referencing assistance
 Each group report must be submitted via Turnitin by the due date. The maximum similarity level accepted is 20%.
 A hard copy must also be submitted. Each group member must sign and neatly print their names on the front coversheet.
Late submission and plagiarism:
 Please contact me if you require additional time. This will depend upon each group`s individual circumstances.
 If the report is without any referencing, it will be given only 0 out of 20 marks and will be considered as a failure with appropriate disciplinary measures.
 Any traces of plagiarism or third party assistance will be dealt with appropriate disciplinary measures in line with institutional policy.
Exhibit 1.1. Negotiation Planning Document.
Issue Self Other
Example? Position Position
Priority: (1 to 5) Priority: (1 to 5)
Issue 1 Priority: Priority:
Issue 2 Priority: Priority:
Issue 3 Priority: Priority:
Issue 4 Priority: Priority:
Issue 5 Priority: Priority:
Issue 6 Priority: Priority:
Reservation Price
Marking rubrics for assessment
Report marking rubric Assessment Criteria and Performance Standards for Report
Assessment criteria
Performance Standard
Low – Learning outcome not achieved
Low but some evidence of attainment of required learning outcome
Learning outcome achieved as required but some inaccuracies and errors
Learning outcome achieved as required with very few inaccuracies or errors
Exceptional attainment of learning outcome with additional outcomes and information provided
Executive summary and
preparation worksheet
0 – 1
No clear executive summary and worksheet provided
Brief executive summary and worksheet but incomplete and inaccurate
Executive summary and worksheet provided with some inaccuracies
Clear executive summary and worksheet provided but could be more concise and clear
Clear, concise and well expressed executive summary and worksheet provided
Depth of research
0 – 1
No evidence of research of the topic
Some research evident but little quantifiable research presented
Some research is evident but limited citations appropriate to context
Adequate secondary and some primary research is evident with supporting data and citations appropriate to context
Research is extensive with good primary and secondary sources with particularly insightful citations
Critical thinking, analysis & synthesis
0 – 1
Very little or no evidence of understanding of the topic
Some understanding of the topic evident but with little evidence of analysis
Understanding of the topic evident – some critical thinking with some analysis and synthesis of available literature
Good understanding of the topic with evidence of critical thinking with good analysis and synthesis of information
Very high level of understanding of the topic with insightful and deep critical thinking, analysis and synthesis
Conclusion and recommendation
0 – 1
No clear recommendation or conclusion provided
Brief conclusion and recommendation provided but not particularly clear or relevant
Well summarised but could be more clear and succinctly expressed.
Well summarised clear, relevant and concise conclusion & recommendation
Exceptional conclusion & recommendation – clear, concise and insightful
Report structure, writing style & grammar
0 – 1
Very poor structure, grammatical expression and spelling errors
Some evidence of desired structure with low levels of writing ability evident, simple expression with many spelling and grammatical errors
Structured report with average levels of writing ability with some spelling and grammatical errors
Good structured report with good level of writing ability – clear concise expression with few grammatical or spelling inaccuracies
Very good structured report with high level of writing ability with no grammatical or spelling errors.
0 – 1
None or few references and citations
Some references but lacking in accuracy or proper use of Harvard style referencing
Adequate references with some inaccuracies in the use of Harvard style referencing
Adequate references with very few inaccuracies in the use of Harvard style referencing
References fully accurate and go well beyond suggested by lecturer
Total Marks
and Feedback
Good Points
Areas of improvement

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