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Diet Analysis Instructions

 To complete this task you will first need to record all of the food and beverages you eat for seven days.  You should record this information on a separate sheet of paper, making sure you date each day’s intake of food.  You will input each day separately.  You should also keep track of the quantity and size of each food.  For example: 1 Large Glass of Skim Milk, 1 salad: 1 ½ cup lettuce, ½ small tomato, 2 carrots, ¼ cucumber, and 2T Ranch dressing.


After you have recorded your food for seven days, complete the following directions on-line:

  1. Log on to ChooseMyPlate.gov
  2. Click on “Super Tracker” which is found under Popular Topics, or along the tabs near the top of the page.
  3. Near the top of the page click on “Create Profile.”
  4. Create your profile by filling in the requested information and register to save your profile. Create a user name and a password that you will remember.  (DO NOT use your student ID or name on User ID Password.)
  5. Click on “Submit.”
  6. Log in with the username and password you have just created.
  7. Click on the blue “Food Tracker” box.
  8. You are now going to enter your 7 days of food. It is really important that you remember to change the date in the top left box as you enter food for each day.  If you forget, it will look like you ate seven days’ quantity of food in just one day.
  9. Search for all the foods you ate using the search boxes. Select the food that is most similar to what you consumed.  You can either highlight the food in the search box list, or hit “go”, and look at the search results below, or click on the name of the food.
  10. Choose the amount of food you ate and select when you ate the food: at breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time.
  11. Click on the blue “+add” button.
  12. Continue to add all of your food for the day. Don’t forget items such as beverages, syrups, and dressings.
  13. Once you have entered the food for all seven days (remember to change the date when you start a new day), analyze your results with the MyReports tab at the top of the page. You will select the Nutrients report for this analysis using the dates for the seven days you have recorded.  Print out the Food Details report (diary of all your food) and the Nutrients Report
  14. Use the Summary Chart that was part of the Syllabus e-mail (The chart is on the last page of the syllabus). Correct all nutrients that were more or less than the recommended amount.
  15. Hand in the completed assignment on


Diet Analysis – Grading scale


  1. Record food intake: all 7 days of foods/beverages consumed.
  • Analyze each day and do summary – include daily food charts
  • Include computer print-out of food summary with report


  1. Record deficiencies & excesses on chart –
  • note RDA’s (you can use the Target values that come from

Tracker analysis as the RDA’s)

  • Include print out of “Nutrients report” from Computer


  1. Based on Deficiences – determine what foods you should add to

your diet, and the amounts to meet your deficiencies.   Add this

to  the “Food & Amount for Correction column”


  1. Evaluate new vs original diet:
  • Energy calculations – are you gaining or losing weight? Do you need

to limit some of your original foods in order to add new food choices?

Do you need to increase your energy expenditure?


  • Do your calories come within the AMDR (pg 15) of 45-65% CHO,

Fat 20-35%, Protein 10-35% (do the calculations or read print out)


  • How does your diet compare to the “My Plate” food guidelines? And

are your choices wise in each category?


  • Do you have any recommendations for your diet improvement?
  1. Design new “ideal” diet with foods you actually eat (one day only).
  • Design a new “ideal” diet that meets your deficiencies and is within

your daily caloric allotment.  Analyze this one day through the

computer “super tracker”.  Include this print-out for food summary and

Nutrients report.


  • Evaluate                



Homework help- http://customwritings-us.com/orders.php

Contact us: support@customwritings-us.com

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