Urgent paper helpMCO 201 Week 2 Assignment 1

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MCO 201 Week 2 Assignment 1

Week of 17th January 2017

Hand in date week of 31st January latest.

This assignment should be handed in hard copy. There is no need to use turnitin for this assignment. This assignment covers the materials in the slides for the first two weeks.

1          Calculate the Net present value of the following cash flows at 7% p.a.:-

Time (years) Cash Flow
0 -250,000
1 100,000
2 120,000
3 130,000


2          What is the price of a three year bond with a coupon of 5% when yields (interest rates) are 3%?

3          You hold a four year bond with a price of 97.6% and a coupon of 4%. What is the Yield to Maturity of the bond?

4          What is the EAR if you have a credit card that charges 11% per annum with monthly compounding?

5          You have a four year bond with a coupon of 8% and interest rates are 9%. Show how the gross redemption proceeds can be made immune from a 1% shift in interest rates with calculations to demonstrate what you have stated.

6          How useful are financial statements in planning your company’s future financial needs? When are they a good starting point and when are they less useful?

End of the assignment


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