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Individual Written Coursework 1

Financial forecasting & report – 50% of the overall module mark.

Deadline: 17:00 on Thursday 9th March                       Feedback: by Thursday 30th March

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Your report should be based on the scenario of the New Tasty Baked Bean:

You have developed a new tasty baked bean product, which you believe could revolutionise the baked bean market. The cost to produce a jar of the bake been is £1.10. After careful market research, you decide to sell it at £2.40 per jar, and you have set a 12 month sales plan.

Following on from the Dragon’s Den success stories – (search in BBC iPlayer if you are unfamiliar with this programme), you have decided to present a report to a small group of potential investors.

You know that any potential investor will expect you to have a good knowledge of how much your product will cost to produce and also of the expected level of sales and profit your product is predicted to make.



  1. Prepare a 12 months sales and production plan table (in unit and money measures), then use the following format to present the sale price, production cost and gross profit for your product on a ‘per unit’ base and a 12 month base.


  Per jar (£)   12 month (£)
Gross profit





  1. Produce the following financial documents for the first 12 months of trading:
    1. Cash Budget                            (month by month)
    2. Forecast Income Statement    (for the year)
    3. Forecast Balance Sheet          (for the year)



  1. Write a 1,000 word report to your potential investors to explain the financial data from tasks 1 and 2 above. This report should include the essential components of: Introduction, Main Section, and Conclusion.


The purpose of the report is to sell the idea of your new product to potential investors, and persuade them to invest. As this is an accounting and finance module, the emphasis must be financial.


Your potential investors will want to know what return they can expect on their investment. As a minimum they will expect you to provide details of the following:

  • forecast turnover & profit
  • forecast value of the business
  • forecast cash flow

You should refer to the data and financial documents from tasks 1 & 2 and include them in the form of appendices to your report.




Word count 1,000(+/- 10% is acceptable) and a word counts significantly less or more than this may be penalised. All calculations, tables, bibliography (or reference list) and appendixes are not included in the word count.














Submitting to Turnitin via Blackboard

You are required to submit your written assignment(s) online via Turnitinuk. You must put YOUR Student ID number (SID) as the Submission title. The coursework should have student number on each of the page.

All assignments must be submitted by 5pm on the due date.  Any late work will NOT be accepted and a mark of zero will be awarded for the assessment task in question.


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In your assignment, you should ensure that you cite and reference all your sources properly, according to the Harvard convention.

If you have doubts about how to use this convention, refer to the document at

You should include references to all cited sources in a single list at the end of the assignment.


Assessment criteria

The following tables are used to grade the elements of the work, as listed in the mark scheme.  The overall mark for the coursework will be based on the level at which the weighted majority of the areas are graded.


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Name………………………………………         Reg. No…………………             Marker……………………………  Date ………………………

Aspect Weighting Mark & Comments
Sales & Production plan – present price of sales, cost and profit per unit; prepare a statement for forecasted of 12 month of sales and production  


<40% 40-49% 50-59% 60-69% 70%+


Financial Statements – produce Cash Budget, forecast Income Statement and forecast Balance Sheet





<40% 40-49% 50-59% 60-69% 70%+


Explanation – comment on the links between concepts and application;




<40% 40-49% 50-59% 60-69% 70%+
Presentation and structure




<40% 40-49% 50-59% 60-69% 70%+

(Note: this is 50% of the total module mark.  So, for example, if you get 60% for this work, that is only 30% of the overall mark for the module).

100% <40% 40-49% 50-59% 60-69% 70%+




Sales & Production plan
Below 40%

Unable to provide the required information and/or data. Information and/or data provided makes no sense.

40 – 49%

Some information and/or data are provided, but with constant errors. Information and/or data are not presented in accounting format.

50 – 59%

Information and/or data are provided, but with minor errors. Information and/or data are presented in accounting format.

60 – 69%

Information and/or data are provided correctly, but are not are presented in accounting format.


Information and/or data are provided correctly and clear. Presentation of accounting and financial data in a professional manner.


Financial Statements
Below 40%

Unable to prepare the financial documents.  Information and/or data presented makes no sense. The statements are not in the appropriate format.

40 – 49%

The financial documents are produced in appropriate format, but with some errors.   Some calculating and/or classification errors.

50 – 59%

Understanding the mechanics of the three statements. The financial documents are produced in appropriate format, but with minor errors.   Few calculating and/or classification errors.

60 – 69%

Good understanding the mechanics of the three statements. The financial documents are produced in appropriate format.   The balance sheet should balance.


The financial statements are produced correctly and in appropriate format. Clearly demonstrates understanding of the mechanics of the three statements and the links between.

Below 40%

No demonstration that the financial information and/data are understood, or how it is used to acquire potential investments.

40 – 49%

Some attempt at showing the understanding, but not able to link major financial information to the application.

50 – 59%

Able to demonstrate how the major financial information can be translated into the funding practice, but not always logical & precise.

60 – 69%

Shows good grasp of the relevant understanding and precisely explains the financial information which can be the major factors for potential investors.


Clearly demonstrates the understanding of how financial information can be translated into the funding practice. Logical & precise explanation and discussion.  Provides insight and confidence.


Presentation & Structure
Below 40%

Unsatisfactory presentation of the work. The structure does not facilitate the logical progression of the discussion and potentially does not include all of the basic requirements.

40 – 49%

Basic but incomplete supporting materials are provided. The report has structure but does not fully embrace the requirements of a formal document.

50 – 59%

Adequate supporting materials provided. The work is structured in a way that is logical & appropriate, but without explicit guidance for the reader.

60 – 69%

Is written & presented very well, with all necessary supporting elements. There is a logical structure that is easy to follow & is coherent with the aim of the assignment.

70% +

Well written & presented in a professional manner. All fundamentals of good presentation are addressed. There is a logical structure, Written succinctly, and sign-posting and referencing is used throughout.


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