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A.This question is designed to help you understand how persuasion is used in the media.  Review content on psychological persuasion and do  the following:

  1. Post a link to a commercial or magazine article attempts to persuade via (a) the central route to persuasion, (b) the peripheral route to persuasion, and define which route of persuasion is used?
  2. View one of those links (central or peripheral) to a route of persuasion that is posted and tell which route you think it is providing a rationale for your answer.
  3. B. ACTION FOR “GROUP INFLUENCE” (3 questions)
  4. According to social psychologists, does being in a group intensify our opinions?  Describe a situation where you either experienced this or witnessed this.  Explain whether opinions were polarized due to informational influence or normative influence.
  5. Define task leadership and social leadership.  Describe whether you think either of the political candidates running for president exemplify either of these styles and why.
  6. What are necessary conditions for the minority influence and the majority in a group? Find a situation where this action of behavior has occurred, describe the events of that situation. (public or personal)
  7. ACTION FOR Prejudice/Implicit Bias (4 questions)

Explore how unconscious prejudices are measured AND how you can understand different forms of aggression.

  1. Implicit association tests have been used to understand such attitudes.  Take one at :   Share those (your) results, then  address the following; 2.  Were you surprised by the findings?  3. Share some of your thoughts about IAT. 4. Do you think it provides insight into unconscious prejudicial attitudes or do you think other factors influence the results?


  1. D. ACTION FOR AGGRESSION (3 questions)

To help you understand the different types of aggression as well as a prominent theory of aggression.

  1. Differentiate between “instrumental” and “hostile” aggression.


  1. Give an example of each.
  2. Describe the revised frustration-aggression hypothesis.  Illustrate the theory by giving a relevant example.
  3. ATTRACTION & INTIMACY (4 questions)

Designed to help you understand theories of love and attraction.  Answer  the following:

  1. Describe and give an example of one of the forms of love on Sternberg’s triangle?  2. Do you think age, length of relationship, or other factors influence the type of love one experiences?  How?
  2. Describe the equity principle of attraction, give an example. 4. 4.Do you think equity is more problematic for homes that follow traditional gender roles 4-a. where one person works and one works at home or for 4-b.households where both partners work and both are responsible for the household?  Explain.


  1. HELPING (3 multi-layered questions)

To help you understand when helping occurs and why it does not, answer  the questions below.

  1. What is the “bystander” effect?  Have you ever witnessed it happen.  If so, share your experience.  If not, give an example from the news or make up an example to demonstrate your understanding of it.
  2. Use an example to walk the class through Latane and Darley’s alogrithm which explains necessary conditions for helping.
  3. Do you agree more with the egoism or altruism hypothesis of helping?  Why or why not?

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