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 Max word limit is 1500 words – don’t go above this


Outline the similarities and differences between a behavioural approach and a psychodynamic approach in their conceptualisation and treatment of mental disorders.



  • Introduce mental disorders
  • Briefly explain the Dsm and how its changed over years
  • Explain how there are different types of different types of approaches e.g cognitive, behavioral, psychodynamic, biological and very slightly introduce the two you are going to talk about and a bit about their history eg psychodynamic was introduced by Freud etc
  • Introduce what you will talk about in the essay


Main body

  • Describe the theory behind both approaches

Psychodynamic –

  • Freud – psychological disorders are due to unconscious internal conflicts
  • Conscious, pre conscious and unconscious
  • Id ego and ego control our actions – find a balance
  • Society does not allow the free expression of all our sexual and aggressive instincts:
  • Causes anxiety
  • We repress many things through defense mechanisms




  • This approach says – No need to change the psyche or inner world
  • Environmental conditions affect our behavior
  • Unlearning undesirable behaviors and emotional responses and learning desirable ones.
  • Abnormal behaviors can be learned and unlearned just like normal behaviors can
  • How do people develop disorders according to this approach?
  • What makes people do better or worse when they have a problem?
  • Interventions – describe how classical conditioning, operant conditioning and social learning treat PHOBIAS – find study that show this


  • Describe treatments for both approaches
  • Use one study to back up each treatment
  • Do they have any similarities?
  • Do they have differences?
  • do these advantage or disadvantage patients and families?
  • Does one work better than the other? Use evidence MORAL OR PHILOSOPHICAL REASONS



  • Is one better than the other? Or can both be used – summarise everything you’ve talked about


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