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Dramaturgy Exercise:

Select a scene (or a short, self-contained passage) from any play on the syllabus and produce a two-part creative and critical response.

1) For the creative part (1-2 pages), you will write up detailed staging instructions for your scene, paying attention to technical issues like music, sound, lighting, mise-en-scène, costumes, and the like. For this portion of the assignment, you are invited to make meaningful changes to the staging details of the play at hand—think about setting the play in a different location, time, and/or setting; consider adapting the play to film; reimagine the kinds of actors you might cast to play certain roles, etc.

2) For the critical part (2-3 pages), you will explain your decisions to stage the scene the way you do. Rather than simply giving a point-by-point summary of each of your choices, analyze the broader theoretical principles underpinning your staging. In other words, you are being asked to conduct a critical analysis and interpretation of your own creative work. This assignment does not assume you have any background or experience in dramaturgy or acting. It asks you to think hard about the decisions that go into staging a play and why they matter.

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Readings: Select a scene from one of these plays to do your assignment on

The Tempest – Shakespeare

A Doll’s House – Henrik Ibsen

The Seagull – Anton Chekhov

The Playboy Of The Western World – J.M. Synge

Six Characters In Search Of An Author – Luigi Pirandello

Mother Courage and Her Children – Bertolt Brecht

Endgame – Samuel Beckett

A Tempest – Aime Cesaire

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