MARKETING PORTFOLIO TASK -3, STP Analysis, Brand value and Brand analysis and Quantitative analysis_

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Adapted by K Ajimal from various sources.


STP Analysis, Brand value and Brand analysis and Quantitative analysis


Using external data sources identify the different customers’ segmentation, targeting, and positioning based on the brand features which have been chosen by your group. Also, identify the key competitors and produce a “perceptual map” for the market. Check the definition of a perceptual map in the core textbook. You need to provide and develop a perceptual map according to the Passenger cars’ market in the UK or European market and lastly an application of a quantitative method to assess the association between two quantified variables in these markets.


Task 3a

Identify and explain the relevant marketing theory relating to STP and how you have applied it. Write your answer- maximum (600 words) of typed answer. References are required.


Task 3b

Identify the key Brand value and Brand analysis in competitors and produce a “perceptual map” for the market such as summarising the brand data, to include name, characteristics, selling price, USP, predicted market share, sales and profit data for pricing the perceptual map for the market. (600 words)


Task 3c

By using of provided statistical information within 10 years of “EUROPEAN VEHICLE MARKET STATISTICS 2014”, Analyse and identify in the relevant markets the strength association between two variables of “Number of sales” and “Engine size of vehicle”.

Applying the correlation and regression methods in SPSS and interpret the market based on the findings in regards of the possible significant association between these two mentioned variables.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of these tasks you should be able to demonstrate:

 An understanding of STP analysis could be applied in a specific market;

 How perceptual map could assist the marketer to justify a market

 An understanding of the importance and role of quantitative analysis in marketing in order to find out the association between number of sale and product design (engine size) in a market.

 Application of SPSS for interpreting statistical status in marketing


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