Assignment help: How to secure aviation from terrorist activity_

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 How to secure aviation from terrorist activity


Course Title/Description:        Aviation Security and Policy Seminar (AERN 45791).  This course examines policies, practices, procedures, and regulatory provisions developed to create and enhance security in civil aviation with a special emphasis on airlines, airports, airspace and governmental agencies responsible for civil aviation security.  As a writing intensive course, AERN is designed to address emerging paradigms in civil aviation security through a scholastic approach that emphasizes descriptive analyses in the study of aviation security policy and practice.  PRE-REQUISITES:  AERN 35340


Required Textbooks:               Price, Jeffrey C. and Forrest, Jeffery S. (2016). Practical Aviation Security:  Predicting and Preventing Future Threats.  Third Edition. Elsevier.



Checkpoints: (5 checkpoints at 5% each; Total of 25%)


The research paper will be written throughout the semester.  To ensure proper time and effort are utilized, each student will be required to submit stages (checkpoints) of their work by the indicated times as listed in Section F of this syllabus.  These Checkpoints are designed to help the students complete the Research Paper throughout the semester.

  1. Checkpoints turned in by start of class on the day indicated on the syllabus via Blackboard. Checkpoint (e) will be submitted electronically via email by class start.  Failure to submit the work will result in a 0% assigned for each checkpoint missed.


  1. Thesis statement (submitted electronically via Blackboard)
  2. Main points (minimum of three, submitted electronically via Blackboard)
  3. Outline (Intro, main points, subtopics, conclusion, submitted electronically via Blackboard)
  4. Sources (16 total, 8 non-internet, submitted electronically via Blackboard in proper APA format)
  5. Rough Draft (4-5 pages, submitted electronically via Blackboard)


  1. The professor will provide details on expectations, format of submission and other checkpoint requirements. Students are expected to ask any pertinent questions to ensure their work complies with the expectation of the professor.
  2. The listed checkpoints are required to be turned in by start of class on the due date listed on the syllabus. For each calendar date past the due date, 5 points will be deducted. In the event a student misses a deadline, he/she must still submit the missed checkpoint(s) prior to submitting the completed research paper.  Even though a checkpoint is considered late, it is still required to be submitted for review to ensure the final paper will fall within the expectations of the course.  Final papers will not be accepted without the checkpoints being completed.


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