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Evaluating (Writing Project 2)


First, select a topic. It can be an event (concert, holiday, festival, etc.), a place (restaurant, public garden or park, the student union, etc.), a thing (a specific car or bike, a computer or phone, a piece of jewelry or an accessory), or a perspective (vegetarian food in the East Valley, 24-hour restaurants [or the lack of them], the local street racing scene, etc.).

Next, select criteria for your evaluation and share them with your audience. You may also need to explain WHY they have been selected.

Then observe your subject, as much as possible. Restaurants are not the same during weekday lunch and weekend dinner time. The fair might be fun, but is it the same every year? How does Poly’s student union compare to the Memorial Union at Tempe? If your subject is a car, how does it drive on open freeway vs. in the city?

Your paper should be 3-5 pages. You are not required to use outside sources, but some topics essentially require them. If you evaluate a restaurant, check out its website. If it’s a new album or game, read some reviews online. Cite all sources appropriately in either MLA or APA style, both in the paper and on a Works Cited or References page.


Mon. Feb. 27: Read pp. 320-322 and pp. 327-330.

Wed. March 1: Read pp. 331-336 and 337-343.


March 6-10: Have a happy and safe Spring Break!


Mon. March 13: Find an evaluation of a product, Bring it with you to class to analyze and discuss.

Wed. March 15: Read pp. 344-348. Thesis workshop.


Mon. March 20: Invention due.

Wed. March 22: Rough draft due. Read pp. 349-351.  Peer review.


Mon. March 27: Continue peer review. Revise.

Wed. March 29: Final draft due.

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