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Team assignment 3: each member of the team must read the attached article (Product for Hire.pdf) by Joe Sinfield and Scott D. Anthony. This article is about the ” jobs-to-be-done” framework (championed by disruptive innovation expert Clayton Christensen for new product development).


Each member of the team will select one different section from the article and write a brief report (no more than 1 page each) covering the following:

1.Explain what you learned from reading the section (that adds new understanding to marketing);

2.Explain the role of the jobs-to-be-done framework and how it can be used for segmentation and targeting (in the “science of marketing”);

3.Include examples from real companies (that you can get anywhere, except the article itself — get from our textbook, the internet, practical experience, etc.) that illustrates the points in number 1..


Here are the sections from which team members can choose:

  • Article Introduction
  • Stage 1: Identifying Demand
  • Stage 2: Optimizing Solutions
  • Stage 3: Capturing Value (LAWANDA MARION)
  • Stage 4: Defending Share
  • Stage 5: Revitalizing Growth
  • 6: Doing the Job of Finding the Job


Each team member only has to cover one (1) of the above topics. So, teams with 4 members have four topics; teams with 6 members have 6 topics, etc. The team leader must consolidate the reports and submit a single report to your instructor.


Hint: The jobs-to-be-done framework is also covered in my virtual lecture slides this week (found in each weekly topic under What’s Due This Week), but it is not in the textbook. You will probably see exam questions about the “jobs-to-be-done” framework and I will expect some attention paid to it in your marketing plans, so take the time to understand the concept

Buy your research paper []

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