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A197DEL Intermediate English: Academic Writing for Business

2016-17 Semester 2



Coursework 2 assesses module learning outcomes 1 and 2. It is worth 60% of the total module mark.


Write an essay of 800 words (+/-10%) on the following question:


Discuss whether or not affirmative action / positive action should be implemented to ensure more equal representation in professions and institutions.


The deadline for submission is 23.55 on Friday 6th April 2017.


Format of coursework


  • Your coursework must be word-processed using WORD.
  • Please use a clear size 12 typefont and 5 space your writing
  • Include a list of references at the end of your essay (see below)
  • Please include a word count at the end of the essay. The word count does not include the title of the essay or the end references.



Sources and referencing

You must refer to at least 3 appropriate sources in your essay, which must be fully referenced in the list of references using the CU Harvard style (the CU Harvard style handbook can be downloaded from the Library webpage).

You may use the following text in your essay, but you will need to find more up-to-date sources as well:

BBC (2007) ‘Police Heads Debate Ethnic Quotas’. 19 April.  Downloaded from (Accessed………….)

Coursework submission


You must submit an electronic version of your essay (written in WORD), uploaded via the TURNITIN ‘COURSEWORK 2’ icon which you will find on the Moodle page for this module.


You are advised to retain a secure copy of your coursework for yourself.


Late work


You must complete submission ON or BEFORE the deadline of 7th April 2017 (23.55). If you submit after the deadline, your work will be given a mark of ZERO.


‘Deferrals’ (or extensions) can be given for genuine e.g. medical reasons (other demands on your time, theft, loss, or computer malfunctions are not valid reasons). If you feel you have grounds to apply for a deferral you must do so ON or BEFORE the submission date by submitting a Coursework Deferral Form via Student Reception.


Please note that your tutors CANNOT award you a deferral themselves. You must apply for one as described above.


Marks and feedback


Your work will be assessed on five criteria. Exact marking criteria for this task will be available on Moodle.


Marks will be posted on Moodle, but should not be regarded as definitive results until they have been passed by the Subject Assessment Board.



Plagiarism and collusion warning


You should consult the University website for a full definition of plagiarism and collusion and what the penalties are. Remember you must not insert material into your essay from another source WITHOUT referencing that source and indicating directly quoted material in the appropriate way.


Please also remember that when you submit coursework you are declaring that the work is ALL YOUR OWN WORK. Getting another person, whether a student or not, to help you write your assignment can count as plagiarism or collusion and will be penalised in the same way.


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