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Category 5 Excellent 3 Adequate 1 Poor
1. -Writing Process

Organization/ Clarity

*Writing engages reader and enhances
his/her understanding of the topic.

*Vocabulary & sentence structure are

sophisticated and appropriate for the


*Writing clearly demonstrates an effective

pattern of organizing that facilitates the

reader’s understanding.

*Papers have an effective beginning,

sophisticated development, and thoughtful


*Demonstrates use of a carefully executed

writing process.

* Writing enables reader to
understand ideas with little or
no re-reading.

* Vocabulary and sentence
structure are adequate,
especially for discipline, but
may lack sophistication.

* Writing follows an appropriate
pattern of organization.

* Incomplete execution of writing

* Writing requires reader to frequently
re-read in order to understand ideas or
writing is so confusing that reader fails
completely to understand ideas.

* Simplistic word choice limits
description and/ or expression

* Redundancies distract and confuse

* Writing’s overall structure lacks
coherence and organization.

* No apparent writing process used.

2. Explanation/ Evidence * Main points clearly stated and well


* Statements substantially supported with
compelling evidence.

* Effectively addresses audience.

* Main points adequately stated.

* Statements sufficiently
supported with relevant

* Partially addresses audience.

* Main points not clearly stated.

* Statements insufficiently supported or
supported with irrelevant evidence.

* Misses audience.

3. Critical Thinking * Insightful, well-articulated analysis,
synthesis, and critique of the subject

* Sustains a well-focused analysis,
connecting ideas in a sophisticated and
logical manner.

* Thoughtfully considers multiple
viewpoints /  positions where appropriate.

* Cogent, clear analysis,
synthesis, and  critique of the

* Connects ideas logically.

* Identifies multiple viewpoints
where  appropriate.

* Superficial and/or poorly articulated
analysis of subject.

* Fails to connect ideas logically.

* Ignores or superficially evaluates
multiple viewpoints.

4. Research Techniques * Uses appropriate materials from a variety
of  resources to support ideas.

* Consistently employs a standard
documentation style.

* Adequately uses appropriate
materials from a variety of
resources to support ideas.

* Employs a standard
documentation style with few

* Fails to select and synthesize
appropriate resources.

* Makes significant errors in
documentation style.

5. Mechanics / Usage * Sophisticated use of grammatical

* Writing is virtually free from the kinds of
errors that distract from meaning and

* Grammatical structures are
generally  appropriate, although
not necessarily perfect.

* Occasional errors may distract
from meaning and readability.

* Grammatical errors are so obvious

that they seriously distract readers.

Examination questions should be at least one and a half pages in length each.


Final project paper should be at least ten pages in length.


See syllabus also for writing guidelines

Guidelines for Writing Examinations and Final Project Papers

Developed by Joseph A. Huggins

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