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Media Literacy:

Buy your Research paper by clicking Buy your Research paper by clicking

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Please read the Self/Partner Evaluation. I answered all the questions but I need you to edit the answers and put all of it in paragraph one page please


1). Explain the process of organizing your lesson. When did you meet?  How did you communicate? What was effective/ineffective?

We made a google doc to put the information on it and the outline. We met every Friday evening around 8 pm and we stayed around two hours. We used a google hangout video to talk with each other and share the ideas and discussed the plan process. Everything was great we had not any problem everyone in the group engaged with other and support each other ideas.


What did you (You personally, not your group.) do well? Focus on how you were able to work with others, communicate effectively, and solve problems.

I actually I was very engaged with the group. I was always there when they wants to meet. I always check the google doc to make sure If someone add anything or edit anything so it helped me to be on track on our plan. We did not have any problem in our group even if someone had an idea we would try to make it fit in the plan so nobody will be sad.


What would you do differently/change for next time?

I would not change anything because everything was perfect.


What did your group do well? What didn’t go well in your group? What role did each group member play in the process of developing and executing the presentation?


The most perfect thing in our group that we understand each other and we support each other ideas. Everyone did great on the work. Actually we did not have each had specific roles.  We sit together and we did plan together each part together so we can make sure that we are on same page and everyone knows all the part for the plan instead of being only know one part that if you only do one part.


Was this a worthwhile experience? Explain.

Yeas definitely this was a worthwhile experience to know more about media literacy and how social media can effect young generation and how we can engage with young generation

Buy your Research paper by clicking

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