Homework help-CNA520: Cardiovascular Nursing 3

Homework help-CNA520: Cardiovascular Nursing 3

Assessment Instructions

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Assessment Task 2: Online poster presentation and summary

Task description The aim of this assessment is to give a short presentation on a cardiovascular condition to your discussion group and then submit a paper, which summarises your presentation and outcomes of discussion on your topic.

A list of potential cardiovascular conditions is provided in MyLO under Assessment resources, Assessment task 2, that may assist you in choosing a condition. In the first few weeks of the semester,enter the discussion area in MyLO and go to the discussion group to which you are allocated. The group numbers will be small to facilitate topic discussion. Negotiate your chosen topic with others in the group so that you are not all covering the same condition. If there are any queries regarding topic choice, please contact your lecturer. Once your topic is confirmed within the group, you should undertake a broad sweep of the literature on the subject area, in order to prepare a clear, well formulated and organised poster for your group in the discussion week. The poster can be presented in poster PDF format directly into the discussion posting.

If you are not sure about what a poster should look like, here are some examples: Poster examples from the internet. Use the UTAS template or a work template.

Once you have posted your presentation, you may elect to have a few lead questions to invite comment from your fellow students.Discussion based assessments are the way you can demonstrate participation in class. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate engagement in learning, therefore we expect more than one or two word replies- we want replies that move the conversation along and extend the learning of all.

The discussion that emerges within your group should enable you to clarify any points that arose on the topic. It is important that you submit your initial work early (in the first 48 hours) to maximize time for discussion. Once the discussion week has concluded, you must submit a document for grading. This should include

·         An 1500 word document which includes a brief overview of your poster topic

·         on your topic and any questions you asked group members on your topic to promote discussion;

·         A selection of postings (in an appendix or in the paper as a discussion point) that provide evidence that you contributed to the discussion in general.(1500 words total)

Task length 1 poster  and 1500 word summary paper
Links to unit’s intended learning outcomes 1, 2, 3 (depending on topic chosen)
Assessment criteria
  1. Identifies an appropriate topic for presentation that enables critical analysis of the content
  2. Demonstrates high level engagement with the relevant evidence based research. Demonstrates accurate knowledge of the chosen condition, its diagnosis and management.
  3. Participates in the discussion activity and engages respectfully with the group- i.e. you must post your presentation within 48hrs of the discussion forum opening. You must post a reply to all of your fellow group members that offers extension of knowledge and raises the level of discussion / learning
  4. Writes clearly in an appropriate academic style and structure. Backs up claims by referring to academic literature and references appropriately using modified Harvard style as required by the School of Nursing and Midwifery
Submission requirements Ensure you formally submit through MyLO assessments folder by the due date.
Contribution to final assessment 40%
Date due Upload poster as soon as possible during the discussion period.

Summary paper due at 3pm on due date- refer to unit outline

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