Assignment 2: Major Essay Question

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Assignment 2: Major Essay Question

“Despite aiming for vastly different goals, the approaches to management used in for-profit and not-for-profit organisations are largely similar.”

Through the use of relevant theory and real-life corporate examples, write an argumentative academic essay addressing the above statement.

The marking template for the completed essay specifies (in part):

A minimum of seven (7) academic sources (i.e. at least half published post 2000) using APA format

Reputable and relevant non-academic sources are used to derive real-life corporate examples

References listed are relevant to the essay statement under consideration

Completed essay word count= 1200 words +/-10%

Be sure to read the complete rubric and assignment instructions for full details of the requirements.


Beginning your information research

Start early, to give yourself the time needed to investigate and decide on the scope of your essay

Start from what you know- i.e. your lecture notes and unit readings.

As you read, note potentially useful references (i.e. cited books, journal and news articles) to search for later (see Finding a known article, below). Some online journal articles include direct links to their reference list items, and to items that cite that article.

Examples of academic sources for the essay

Refereed (peer-reviewed) articles from academic journals. They should be your main type of reference in the essay. These articles are identified with the classification Academic in the Business Source Complete database, and Scholarly in the ProQuest database.

Examples of non-academic sources for the essay

Articles from business or economics magazines (e.g. Harvard Business Review, The Economist). These articles are classified as Magazines or Trade Publications in the Business Source Complete database and Magazines or Trade Journals in the ProQuest database;

Quality news articles (e.g. from the New York Times, The Age, Australian Financial Review);

Websites and reports of relevant organisations.

Academic journal articles can provide both relevant theory and examples, while business magazines and news sources can be useful for examples of applications of the theory in particular companies and industries.

Check with your tutor if you are unsure about the quality of a source you are considering for your essay.


Planning and conducting searches

  1. Searching for books, and articles from academic journals and business magazines

Use Search, the Library’s resource discovery tool to look for relevant books and articles from some of the journal article databases that the Library subscribes to.

Some key business journal databases are not included in the Search database, notably Business Source Complete, which needs to be searched separately. Business Source Complete will be an important resource throughout your Business studies. It and other journal databases are the most effective tools for finding journal articles.

Besides academic journals, which focus on research and theoretical perspectives, Business Source Complete includes industry, trade, professional and business magazines.  Try other potentially relevant databases listed under the Databases tab, Emerald and ProQuest. Their search screens differ slightly from Business Source Complete, but the same principles apply to all database searching.

“Not-for-profit” may not be a common term in some databases. Try also using alternative search terms, e.g. nonprofit.

  1.  Searching for news articles

Use Factiva, which is the leading database for Australian and worldwide newspapers and news sources. Factiva will be another key information resource throughout your studies at Monash. Business news and magazine articles can provide practical evidence or examples relating to themes and theory discussed in the academic (e.g. journal) literature.

Complete the brief Factiva interactive tutorial under the Searching effectively tab before going to the Databases tab and trying your own search on Factiva. (Another, but less extensive, news database listed under the Databases tab is Newsbank.)

  1. Finding a known article

Academic journal articles include a review of the academic literature relevant to the subject of the article, which can be very useful for identifying further articles you may want to use. Sometimes links to an article’s references (or cited articles) are provided in the article’s database record.

Referencing in APA format

Be sure to reference the articles you use in your essay according to the APA style. How to do this is covered in Chapter 3 of the Q Manual.

In Business Source Complete and ProQuest you can obtain the reference details from the record for a particular item by clicking Cite in the right panel, choosing APA, then copying and pasting the formatted details into your document.

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