Homework help

Homework help

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The Learning Set dialogue this week will focus on further problematising your individual workplace-based problem, based on the theories and concepts from the week’s readings.

Approach this week’s Learning Set Participation with a full understanding of the operation of judgmental traps and individual biases within a business context. Start with the Bazerman and Moore (2008) and Drummond (2001) texts as they provide an overview as does the article by Hammond, et al. (1998) from Week 1.
The de Bono Group website provides a cognitive method approach to problem solving to avoid judgmental traps. De Bono suggests that decision-makers think about problems, opportunities, and risk in several different ways before making a decision, i.e. exhibiting balanced judgment.

Use your own research into de Bono’s method to further influence your Learning Set Participation this week as you are asked to consider your identified workplace-based problem through the use of two specific “hats” to shed new light on the problematising process. In turn, your Learning Set members will provide additional insight using another of the “hats.”

After completing the readings, engage your Learning Set members by answering the following:

  • Describe a time professionally where you have made a judgemental mistake. In hindsight, what biases or judgemental traps were evident in your mistake? How could you have counteracted the decision error?
  • Re-describe your CAL Project workplace-based problem for other Learning Set members by using two of de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats, first with your Red Hat on, then with your Black Hat. If you could only have either the ‘black hat’ or the ‘red-hat’ in making important decisions in solving this problem, which would you choose and why? How would each particular hat affect the outcome of your problematising endeavours?
  • In your response to a colleague, research de Bono’s other ‘hats’ and provide an additional insight to his or her Red Hat and Black Hat posts through the use of one of the remaining thinking hats.


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Email Us:  support@customwritings-us.com


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