Buy your Research Paper Online-ENGR 381 Contemporary Issue Assignment

Buy your Research Paper Online-ENGR 381 Contemporary Issue Assignment

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ENGR 381 Contemporary Issue Assignment
Review and Reflection on Hydraulic Fracturing
DUE DATE: 15th December
Thermodynamics is fundamentally a subject about energy, which affects our lives in many
different ways. The availability of energy impacts our lifestyle, environment, economy, and
health. One of the primary controversial current topics related to energy is hydraulic fracturing.
Our contemporary issue project this semester will focus on hydraulic fracturing, which is a
controversial technique for harvesting natural gas (and other hydrocarbons) from the earth. This
project has two parts, the first being related to objective aspects of hydraulic fracturing and the
second being subjective to yourself and your own values. The final product of this project will
be a formal written report. The breakdown for the report will be as follows:
1. Part 1: An overview of hydraulic fracturing (or fracking) (2-3 pages, 12 point font, single
a. A technical description of fracking
b. An overview of benefits, potential and realized
c. An overview of drawbacks, potential and realized
d. What biases do you detect?
e. Are there discrepancies in your resources?
2. Part 2: Your view on hydraulic fracturing (1-2 pages, 12 point font, single spacing)
a. Evaluate this technology from your personal perspective
b. Engage your values and beliefs as well as engineering ethics and virtues
c. Being as realistic as you can, what is your final recommendation regarding this
technology? Try to be convincing.
This project will require the gathering of information from a variety of sources. You should
include at least one from each of the following:
1. Documentary films
2. Mainstream newpaper articles
3. Blogs/editorial websites
4. Scientific articles
5. Editorials/articles/position statements from engineering societies (e.g. ASME, AIAA,
ACS, etc.)
6. Business magazines
Look for bias (implicit or explicit), and comment on it in your writing. Cite your research
materials throughout your report. Find your own references; I don’t expect to see the same set of
references for any two reports. Give proper citation to any figures used from your sources. See
the included materials on engineering ethics and virtues, and cite these as you make your
arguments in part 2.
Grading criterion: Quality of writing (including the use of citations) (25%), completeness of
background in part 1 (25%), articulation of your point of view in part 2 including citations to
ethics/virtue references (20%), persuasiveness (15%), effective use of figures (15%).
See attached documents on engineering ethics and virtues.

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