Discussion help-Nursing

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Discussion Question:

Isaac has worked as a staff nurse on the telemetry floor for over 15 years. He holds seniority in the unit. His patient care is satisfactory; however, his interpersonal behaviors are becoming an increasing issue for his coworkers. He throws papers around the unit, gives short answers to questions, and seems generally miserable. He tells the staff that they are lazy and stupid. He is constantly questioning their decisions.

You have come from another local hospital in the role of the assistant nurse manager. Based on your observations, you have met with Isaac informally and discussed his behaviors, but they have not changed.

Now three new nurses have already come to you saying that this unit is a great match for them, except for one problem. Although they have not identified Isaac by name, they have told you that one of the nurses is extremely abusive verbally, and they have been calling in sick on the days they are scheduled to work with this person.

1.What are your responsibilities as an assistant nurse manager in regard to Isaac’s behavior problem?

2.What is the next step in dealing with Isaac’s behaviors?

3.How will you, as the manager, have Isaac develop more effective people skills?

4.Using your textbook, give examples of behaviors and activities of an effective manager that would help to address this situation.

Content Questions:

1.) What is the difference between leadership and management?

2.) What qualities do you think are most important to be a good nurse manager?

Discussion help: Click http://customwritings-us.com/orders.php for answers

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