Accounting Assignment & Answers Available

Accounting Assignment & Answers Available

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The Major Assessment Task 20%
You are required to present answers in a single report format of no more than 1500 words to a case study where you are the financial manager who must make an investment decision. This case study mainly focusses on work completed on capital budgeting topic in week 7. All questions are based on the concepts in your prescribed textbook and you need to use extra resources when you define the methods to solve the problems. The case tests your understanding of the capital budgeting techniques and the qualitative aspects of risk and return decision making.
The Case Study
Making Ford Firm Investment Decision
Ford is a large cars makers firm considering replacing one of its painting machine with either of two new machines, machine A or machine B. Machine A is highly automated, computer-controlled machine; machine B is a less expensive machine that uses standard technology. To analyse these alternatives, Simon Ray, a financial analyst, prepared estimates of the initial investment and incremental (relevant) after-tax net cash flows associated with each machine. These are showing in the following table:
Machine A
Machine B
Initial investment
Net cash inflows
Note that Simon plans to mortise both machine over a five-year period. At the end of that time, the machines would be sold, thus accounting for the large fifth-year net cash flows.
Simon believes that the both machines are equally risky and that acceptance of either of them will not change firm’s overall risk. He therefore decides to apply the firm’s 13% cost of capital when evaluating the machines. The firm requires all projects to have a maximum payback period of four years.
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Required to be reported in your single report:
In this case study, assumes yourself as a financial manager advisor to Ford firm. A financial advisor role is required to prepare an executive-style report, in a manner consistent with what is expected in the real world by a typical Board of Directors. This report is case study for a evaluation projects using capital budgeting techniques. The report has maximum length of 1000 words and consists of the following questions:
1- Show the project’s evaluation steps and results as follow:
– Use the payback period to assess the acceptability and relative rank of each machine.
– Assuming equal risk, use Net present value (NPV) and Internal rate of return (IRR)
techniques to assess the acceptability and relative ranking of each machine.
2- Summaries the results that are indicated by all the three techniques used above.
3- Use your facts in key finding to indicate on a theoretical and practical basis which machine would be preferred? Explain why?
4- What other factors should the firm consider? Specify any further factors the firm might overlooked or other factors that should have been taken into consideration while valuation.
5- Which, if either, of the projects the firm should acquire if the firm has:
1. Unlimited funds.
2. Capital rationing.
This report must follow a specific structure, introduction, body and conclusion etc. that instructed in point 3. Assignment Marking Criteria/Rubric which is mentioned in the last page of document named Group Case Study Assessment Guidelines on Moodle.


Top Education Institute
Group Case Study Assessment Guidelines
This guide is split into 3 Sections:
1. Introduction
2. Submission Details and Issues that will Impact on Your Mark
3. Assignment Marking Criteria/ Rubric
1. Introduction
• TOP Education Institute believes that group work is a valuable mechanism for assisting students to develop collaborative and leadership skills.
• For campus students, the group means 1 or 2 students, no more than 2 in a one group.
• Important Note 1: Students working as a group, only one member of the group will submit the assignment online by uploading it in Moodle at the due date. You will lose marks for not following this instruction if two students in same group uploaded assignment for the same group. Thus, you must select the group leader who will coordinate this task and coordinate your meeting and discussion about the work. I want to see the “Group leader” title in front his/her name on the cover sheet when submitting the hard/printed assignment copy at class.
• Please start formation of group as soon as possible and each group member must record the real names (not nickname) and TOP’s students emails to his group members from day one and start using this email for commination between group members. This is to ensure your group member does not pull out from your group at the last minute should your relationship turn bad, leaving you with a problem of having to complete the assessment on your own with no time to do so.
• Low performance student (Lazy) who does not work seriously inside the group and always gives reasons of not coming meeting or communicate with members MUST be reported to your teacher in a good timeframe, not before the last minute of due date, so we can put the student in a group by him/herself individually and ask him/her to finish the task a lone.
2- Submission Details and Issues that will Impact on Your Mark
A. Submission Details (soft and hard copies)
• The online submission MUST BE submitted as a word document. PDF submissions or any other format will not be accepted.
• A hard copy (printed) must submitted to your teacher with cover sheet at class in the due week with cover sheet. Your teacher will give you the time and date of the class.
• A Turnitin web link will be ready in Moodle few days before the due date for the assignment. The assignment will due in specific week as sated in the unit outline but the actual date and time to submit soft copy via Turnitin link in the due week will be given to you in suitable time by your teacher. However, unit outline tells you the week of submission and you need to be ready and finalize your work before this due week.
B. Issues that will impact on your marks include:
• Where copying from other sources results in high % similarity, marks will be deducted as shown on the mark-sheet. Therefore, proper use of in-text referencing is important. Avoid direct quotes. Turnitin will be used to check % similarity.
• NEVER copy the questions or the case itself from the “Case study document” as this will increase your % similarity. Only include the names and numbers of the group in first page and the answers when you submit (follow the structure while answer).
• Under extreme circumstances where high % similarity indicates copying from written works of other students in TOP, other universities or any other institutions world-wide, the assignment may be reviewed by the academic misconduct board.
• A marking rubric is provided in Section 3 and the assessment is worth 20% total assessment grade (20 marks).
• The final grade will be recorded on Moodle as a percentage of 20%.
• There is no late submission at any circumstances. Penalty for late submission is 5 marks on per calendar day including Saturday and Sunday. If you submit late by one day, then your total mark assignment will be marked from 15 not 20%.
• Penalty marks applies for not only submitting one assessment per group but two members in same group submitted the same task as highlighted in above.
C. Marks are awarded for:
• Correct answers to calculation questions that include timelines, well-presented tables, accurate calculations, worksheets and related formulae.
• Correct answers to theory questions written in your own words should be within words maximum [excluding in-text referencing, reference list and appendix items] and show supporting examples, diagrams and figures.
• Showing initiative and supporting your answers with interesting references to contemporary issues from newspapers, journals, professional publications, web resources i.e. extracts from podcasts, financial institutional websites etc.
• Proper and accurate referencing of all content including figures, tables and narrative using Harvard Reference system. There is a guide of this style in the Moodle site in the library Section. Please use it so that you do not lose marks.
• MAKE SURE YOU READ the marking criteria (Rubric) and follow its requirements.
• All supporting materials must be properly referenced using Harvard Reference system in-text referencing formats. Learn how to do in-text referencing as well as Referencing at the end CORRECTLY to avoid losing marks.
• Response to case study must be in report format and include at least, title, your names and student numbers, an introduction, body with headings and sub-headings, recommendations and a conclusion. Learn how to write a report. I have provided pdf document (or a link) on report writing in Moodle or seek help from the student learning services.
• Presentation: Your report including appendices and reference list fonts must be either Arial or Times Roman 12 point and 1.5 spacing for narrative, 16 point bold for major headings and 14 point bold for sub-headings. Inclusion of diagrams and tables to support the response is strongly encouraged. However, photocopied, copied/pasted jpeg. .jpg files and scanned graphs from books, articles or websites are not acceptable. It is preferable to hand-draw a graph then scan it to insert in your file or you will lose marks.
• Word count is within words maximum, excluding referencing, diagrams and tables. Do not include equations or numbers in this word account.
3. Assignment Marking Criteria / Rubric
Criteria Measures of Excellence HD D C F Total Executive summary
Good summary, providing a snapshot of the whole report. What is the problem/issue? definition of the problem/question? aims and objectives? What were the major or key findings/ answers? What are the recommendations etc.
The introduction provides a very clear purpose which ensures all areas relevant to the task are clearly outlined. Good introduction demonstrates an ability to:
a) give background to the issue/topic.
b) show the objective or purpose of the report. Definition of the problem/topic and what the report is about?
c) provides an overview of concepts discussed in the body of the report.
d) an outline of the report’s structure
Content / Knowledge/ body
The essay demonstrates excellent knowledge of the relevant issue. Attention has been given to topic’s development and providing examples in a superior and supportive manner. High attention to detail for all the relevant issues. If you have more problems/topics, make sure your headings and sub-headings stand out from the body text, so they are easy to identify. Indicate the theories and principles underlying the approaches/methods that adopted if your report need these types of analytical methods /procedures.
The document presents a detailed and focused summary of the ideas presented; drawing clear and well-thought-out conclusions. Good conclusion suggesting what the report has covered, what has been the findings, very short any recommendations etc.
Relevant recommendations supported by case study evidence. Recommendations should state what actions should be implemented based on the findings of the report.
Organisation, structure and presentation
The ideas are arranged in an extremely logical, structured and coherent manner. Transition statements are clearly used as a guide from one section to the next. Arguments are logical, clear and convincing. Quality of writing at a very high standard. Paragraphs are cohesive. Sections flow. The use of headings and sub-headings is effective and enhances readability. Correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. Referencing accurate, source of formulas, information, arguments, diagrams and/or examples have been appropriately referenced.
TOTAL MARK/ a grade out of 20%.

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