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Lab Report Guidelines


Labs will be conducted in class during regularly scheduled times that are compatible with lab team member schedules. Labs may be done in groups of 4 to 6 depending on the project groups. One lab report is submitted per group and a single grade is given to all names on the lab report. All lab reports are to be submitted as formal written reports by the lab group and have as a minimum the following headings:

  • Cover Page
  • Introduction / Purpose of Lab
  • Methodology for the Lab (Procedure of conducting the lab / Subject information / Equipment utilized / Laboratory environment / Process of data collection (depending on the nature of the lab)
  • Required tasks / Results/Analysis
  • Discussion / Conclusions (Also how these lab results pertain to society, your work, your life etc…, or how this information may be useful.)
  • References, if any



Lab Report Grade Sheet

Course:                                                          Section:                                              Group:

Lab Group Members: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Lab #:____

Lab Title:__________________________________________________________________


  Comments Grade Score Remarks

Introduction – Purpose of Lab











Required tasks  – Results – Analysis





Discussion – Conclusions





References – Format




Total   100    


(Attach a filled copy of this form to all lab report submissions)

Work Analysis and Design I
Homework: Design of Experiment plan – 5%
Number of students: Same Group as Lab groups
The objectives of the homework are:
 To Design an Experiment Plan.
 To Acquire data on appropriate variables.
 To Compare experimental data and results to appropriate theoretical models.
 To Explain observed differences between model and experiment (bad model,
bad measurements, etc.).
Design of experiments (DOE) is a systematic method to determine the relationship between
factors affecting a process and the output of that process. In this homework, you will design an
experiment and collect data to analyse the grip strength.
Grip strength is measured by a hand dynamometer and it shows the power grip capability
of an individual. There are important factors that have an effect on the grip strength. You will figure
out how these factors affect the grip strength.
In this homework, students are required to interpret the results of their model and relate it
back to the real life applications. Their creativity will be tested in how they setup and model a
process in a simple way and show their outcomes in an easy to understand manner with visuals.
Here are the tasks that you should complete during this homework:
1. Design an experimental plan for the grip strength considering the investigated
factors, and prepare a data collection sheet for your experiment. You should
select appropriate parameters to determine the levels or measure the factors
such as for hand size hand length can be used as a parameter, or for the size
of the body stature, or for the shape of the body BMI. For the posture, you can
work on either wrist posture or the elbow posture.
2. Experiment with your lab group members and measure the grip strength. For
each subject, make 2 replications at different times using randomized design.
3. Analyze your experimental data using an appropriate statistical model on
Minitab. Explain your model parameters and visualize the effects of different
factors on the grip strength. Be sure to answer all the questions given below.
o Does hand size significantly affect the grip strength? If yes, show
the relationship between the grip strength and hand size.
o Does grip span significantly affect the grip strength? If yes, show
the relationship between the grip strength and grip span.
o Is there an interaction effect between the grip span and hand
o Does posture significantly affect the grip strength? If yes, show
the relationship between the grip strength and posture.
o Does the size or shape of the body significantly affect the grip strength?
If yes, show the relationship between the grip strength and size or shape
of the body.
4. Using r2 value of the model, comment on the accuracy of your statistical model.
5. Take a picture of your data collection sheet and include it in the report appendix.
6. Explain in which applications the grip strength may be used and how your results
may be used in the design of these applications.
This is a technical report, please use the format of a report





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