Attitudes and Dealing

I must have at least 7 References. Paper must have a Reference Page. I will provide all of the documents for the References.  For this essay I need it written around answering ALL of the following questions.

1. Compare and contrast the Muslims’ and Christian Europeans’ attitudes towards and dealings with the indigenous peoples of Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

2. Elite Christian Europeans often despised and, from a modern perspective, horribly mistreated members of their own civilization and especially those of other ones. All the while, there were  ‘optimists’ who believed that Europeans could improve and better the(ir) world through education, exploration, and conversion, such as Peter Abelard, Pico Della Mirandola, Castiglione, and even Christopher Columbus.  There were also reformers and revolutionaries, like the nobles of England during John II’s reign (Magna Carta), John Ball, Erasmus, Luther, Bartolome de Las Casas, and Pope Paul III, who sounded shrill calls of protest and self-criticism, demanding that authorities reform institutions and beliefs in order to end rampant abuses. How significant were the efforts of the ‘optimists’ and ‘reformers’ (in fact or as precedent) when balanced against Europeans’ record of black deeds?


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