walking narrative

walking narrative

Walking Narrative Write 300 words reflecting on your experiences and analysis of a walk journey in your chosen site (Valencia, Spain). The walk is a spatial practice that triggers and unfolds tactics and strategies of the site over a period of time. Present your narrative with visuals (photography/ drawings). The written and visual materials form your narrative. Think of: -The route of your walk -Isit planned or spontaneous/ unpredictable? -Following the derive or responding to a previous knowledge of a place. The aim of your walk: -walking as an operation or action on space and time -Think of the theories/readings we covered and how these could be explored further through your walk -Identify aspects/layers of the site that are triggered through the walk (Social, Spatial, Political, Historic). -Ideas. Tactics/strategies, representation and space, narrative and space, practices of resistance, Social-spatial dialectic, time/history and space -The structure and style of your narrative. It cannot be desсrіptive unless it is for an aim, it needs to be reflective.


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