Performance Report

Writing the Performance Report

Using the earned value data gathered from the case, write a 2 page status report using the following structure:

Part 1: Executive summary — provide a high level summary of your report. This should be written last, as you want to summarize your report
Part 2: Current status & evaluation of earned value data (don’t just give me the data, explain what it means and tell me what when right and wrong in the project)
Part 3: Forecast performance (using earned value metrics, state what the future performance will be)
Part 4: Recommendations (be specific; give a concrete recommendation or two and explain what the implications are for the project)
Here are some general guidelines for formatting:

Use section headers so that it is clear what the sections of the report are
This report should be single spaced; it should appear as a professional report, not an academic paper
Make good use of tables and/or charts to report the data
Be concrete; reference the case study and specifics regarding performance
Include page numbers
Write no more than two pages


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