Psoriasis and Quality of Life

Please start by describing the pathophysiology of psoriasis

Second part should be What treatments have been shown to be effective for psoriasis

Third part should be about diagnostic tests used in psoriasis

Fourth part should be the latest developments and studies of psoriasis

Last part MUST be recommendation/conclusions/discussions to other health care professionals and in general.

You can include pictures/diagrams from these articles when appropriate into the paper

***This is a literature review assignment.
***Please use the 10 articles I have included (7 links to articles and 3 pdf files) totaling 10.
***Please include some in-text citations
***Please include a reference page with these 10 articles, you dont need to include any other articles, just the ones that are provided.
***No plagiarism whatsoever please

***The 7 out of 10 articles are in a word document, you will need to open it and view, the other 3 are pdf files***


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