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Anthropology Applied to Everyday Life

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Anthropology Applied to Everyday Life              

  1. Why does Mauss begin his book with a poem from the Havamal?


  1. What is the significance of the Potlatch for Mauss’ argument?


  1. How was “arrogance” the key to understanding the Bushman’s criticism?


  1. What is the danger of allowing a braggart to continue in a society without police?


Please answer these questions using 63 words as minimum for each one from the readings in Chapter 3: Giving – Simple Exchange

Course Text:

Title: Anthropology Applied to Everyday Life                        Copyright: 2013

Author: James Mullooly                                                          ISBN: 9781615497065


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Evolution of Primates

Evolution of Primates

After visited LA zoo, use the note about different types of primates firsthand you take from zoo and text book (Our Origins-Discovering Physical Anthropology, 3ed) to finished the paper.
A. Introduction and thesis statement:
Primates have evolved through a series of distinct stages or grades (see attached sheet). Below I will outline these stages and the major modifications which took place in each. It is highly likely that the impetus for primate evolution was the adaptation to the arboreal setting and the interaction of genetic and natural selection factors.
B. body:
Using text book and notes, describe some general introductory and background information on each grade of primate. Also, include some of your original observations from the zoo. the grades of primate evolution are as follow: Grade I-The Lemuroids; Grade II – The Tarsiers; Grade III – The Monkeys; Grade IV – The Apes and Man. You should plan on devoting approximately 1 to 2 pages of discussion to each of the grades in primate evolution. Make sure you carry your discussion through man. Periodically make references to the trends in primate evolution which are outline below in Part III and in your text book
Finally, devote a paragraph toward the end of the body to a critique of the zoo trip. Comment on the grades of primates you could or could not find. How did you feel about the trip? Were you able to better visualize the primates you learned about?
C. Conclusion
Should relate back to your thesis statement. Work the thesis into your conclusion stated differently. Also make a final statement, e.g. in this paper I have proven conclusively, or was not able to demonstrate conclusively that my thesis was correct.

II. Certain trends in primate evolution which you should consider while writing essay
A. The Evolution of Primate Intelligence
B. The Evolution of Primate Diet and Dentition
C. The Evolution of Primate Locomotion and Body Configuration
D. The Evolution of Primate Olfaction and Vision
E. The Evolution of Primate Sexuality and Social Organization

Text book chapter outline:

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